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FS Cosmetics… Just Makeup. Just You.

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FS Cosmetics (Features & Shades), a very promising Filipino makeup brand,  really made my day with their recent beauty rendezvous event last March 8, 2016 at the Apartment 27 Bar+Cafe in BGC.

FS Cosmetics

The said event were attended by makeup artists plus beauty and lifestyle bloggers and other special guests to see and experience first hand the FS Cosmetics (Features & Shades) make up collection, which I find very exciting and interesting since it is a Filipino brand and supporting our very own brand is an honor.

FS Cosmetics

FS Cosmetics (Features & Shades) is a Filipino makeup brand owned by Mr. Edmond Ngo under the Cosmetics Revelation Corporation which produces quality cosmetics suitable for Filipina skin. Yes, you read that right. Every Filipina will surely love and enjoy using FS Cosmetics products because all were made especially for the Filipino skin type. 🙂

FS Cosmetics

During the event, professional make up artist, Yciar Castillo, did a simple make up application demonstration using the FS Cosmetics products with one of the guests. I love make up tutorials! Since I’m still on my way of learning how to do make up, these kind of demonstations really can add up to my learning especially watching it done by a professional.

Let’s talk about FS cosmetics’ achievements over the past years. FS Cosmetics (Features & Shades) received different awards such as Philippine Marketing Excellence Award for producing the most outstanding cosmetic products in 2004 and has been hailed as Beauty Award Winner by Preview and Cosmopolitan Magazines in 2006 and 2008. Wow! with a lot of cosmetic brands here and abroad sharing the same market, It was really good to be awarded with such and for a Filipino brand to compete with other brands, FS Cosmetics really did a good job!

FS Cosmetics

FS Cosmetics (Features & Shades) never stop from improving their products. And with that, their products do stand out from the rest. And what’s more amazing is that it’s AFFORDABLE, delivering same results like the other expensive branded cosmetic products.

FS Cosmetics

FS Cosmetics

Just look at these FS Cometics products for example. These are my faves. First, FS Loose Powder. FS created the built-in brush that is detachable so there’s no need to buy another brush that will take space to your make up kit. FS made it all compact and convenient for the users of this product.

FS Cosmetics

Second, The FS Luscious Lipstick. I can associate the technology used in this product with a pen. You can actually press it downward to lock and press it again to open. Just don’t turn it around when you pull it out because you might damage the lipstick inside. watch the video so you can understand well what I’m talking about. 🙂

FS Cosmetics

Third, FS True Light Liquid Lipstick. This is my personal favorite. Don’t be fooled by its looks. It may look simple from the outside but when you open it. Wow! I’m loving the technology. Kindly watch the video above and see it for yourself. How cool is that?! Plus you will be surprised to know how much the FS True Light Liquid costs… Ready? For only Php350 pesos, you will get to enjoy the shade that you want and that easy application even when you are inside a dim-lighted room. You can use the light as well as your mini flashlight. The light can last up to 48 hours.

Actually, there’s more products that catched my attention but all the products above are my top 3.

FS Cosmetics

Thank you so much Features & Shades for this glamorous make up kit filled with FS products. So happy and I can’t wait to try them all. 

FS Cosmetics (Features & Shades) is available in all leading malls and department stores nationwide.


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