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An Intimate Brow Session With Benefit Cosmetics Philippines

Posted on 3 m read

Our eyebrows play an important role on our facial looks. It defines our eyes as well as shaping our face. You may think that your eyebrows are good as it is, but you may be wrong. Unless of course if you were born and blessed with a good set of brows. But for those who were not, like me, maintaining brows can be difficult or much worse… a nightmare.

There are a lot of tutorials now on the net where you can follow steps. But then again, it doesn’t always end up the way we want our brows to be. If watching tutorials can’t help you then you should find another way to learn. Or if you really can’t do it, let someone, preferably a professional do it a few times so you’ll learn from them and know the best look for you.

Just recently, I was invited by my dear blogger friend, Martin “Beneboy”Andrade, on his very first intimate brow session and collaboration with Benefit Cosmetics Philippines. He was also joined by Benefit Cosmetics Philippines’ National Brow Artist, Ms. Astrud Celina.

Martin has been known in the blogger’s community for having a gorgeous pair of brows. See? men can groom their brows too and he did pretty excellent in that matter. Believe me a lot of female blogger friends do love his brows(including me) and even ask him to teach them or have their brows done by him. And what I like about him is that he is not selfish to share his knowledge and skills to others, giving us tips and advises about our brows.

Going back to the intimate brow session with Martin and Celina at Benefit Cosmetics Philippines SM Megamall Branch, we were taught of techniques on how to properly shape and fill in our brows. Of course they needed a volunteer, so I agreed hahaha!. It’s not everyday that my brows get to be fixed by brow experts. I know you would agree. πŸ™‚

So these were my brows before the tutorial. Just for you to have a comparison later when you see the after look.

Using Benefit Cosmetics Eyebrow product like Precisely My Brow Pencil in shade #6, Ms. Celina did her thing with my brows. Wow! I always thought that I needed more than one product just to have a nicely-groomed brows. But with what I have seen, only one product does it all. Now It will save me a lot of time buying eyebrow stuff and money as well hahaha.

Martin did my left brow and some finishing touches on my right brow. See my left brow? Well arched, perfectly filled in. Love it!

Just like me, you’ll be amazed on how well-groomed brows can change the way you look. Well, I’ll just need to practice more so I can achieve that everyday fleek eyebrows. Good luck to me. Haha! Thank you Ms. Celina and Martin for fixing my brows that day. πŸ™‚

I’m not an expert but I hope you take these advises from me. When in doubt, don’t pluck it, shave or wax it out. As I said earlier, If you can’t do it, then let the professionals do it such as brow experts from Benefit Cosmetics Philippines. At Benefit CosmeticsΒ  branches, they have different Eyebrow services that can improve the look of your eyebrows. Plus they have wide choices of Eyebrow make-up and essentials for you to have that perfect eyebrow look.

Good luck on your eyebrow journey! πŸ™‚

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