Alpabasa Wins Pharmaton Life Changers’ Challenge

Pharmaton's Life Changers challenge

“The ladies of “Oras na Para sa Alpabasa” were all smiles after being named as the ultimate life changers. Seen in the photo together with the winners are (L-R): Pharmaton Life Changers Chef Rob Pengson and Reese Fernandez; BIPHI’s Director of Consumer Health Care, Mr. Ricky Rivera; Boehringer Ingelheim Head of Finance, Mr. Andreas Meneghetti (6th from left); BIPHI Head of Medical, Dr. Editha I. Arceo Dalisay (4th from left); Pharmaton Senior Brand Manager Bernice Jalgalado; Boehringer Ingelheim Group Manager, Mely Guerrero; and Futkal founder and Pharmaton Life Changer Peter Amores.”

Oras na Para sa Alpabasa project took home the 1 million peso grant for winning the very 1st Pharmaton Life Changers’ Challenge. Kudos to the people behind this great and life changing idea namely Sholeh Villoria, Noelle Pabiton & Tisha Gonzalez-Cruz. I really salute them for having the heart to reach out and help other people in terms of education.

I can imagine how hard life can be if you will not be able to learn how to read. Life could be one big blur where every letter, number, and sign is like staring on a blank sheet of paper. The Oras na Para sa Alpabasa project aims to provide  teachers, classrooms, and schools with the Alpabasa Series and equip them to teach reading to kindergarten or early elementary students in need of remediation or intervention.


Pharmaton's Life Changers Challenge

Thanks to Pharmaton’s 1 million peso grant.  The Oras na Para sa Alpabasa project will be more efficient and will reach more to build and implement their target mission such as creating 30 classroom settings which can reach at least 60 kids per set resulting to at least 1,800 young readers per year and 9,000 readers within 5 years. Within the duration period, students will be able to read phrases, sentences, and stories after 2 months, and can read fluently within a year.

The Oras na Para sa Alpabasa project also aims to deliver the complete range of Alpabasa materials and train the selected teachers with the following:

-Specialized knowledge of teaching reading with the brain in mind.

– Creating teacher-made materials.

– Adjusting lessons to fit their learner’s needs and capacities

– Conducting regular assessments to maximize student learning.

Know more about the project by watching this video.

Wow! It is just amazing how this project can transform a person’s life…FROM NON-READER TO AVID READER, WHO READ FOR FUN AND WHO READ TO LEARN. Congratulations again to the Oras na Para sa Alpabasa group for winning Pharmaton Life Changers’ Challenge. You guys deserve it!.

Oras na Para sa Alpabasa is just one of the 10 finalist, so there are 9 more. Even these groups did not win in the Pharmaton Life Changers’ Challenge, I still believe that what they presented and created were of great impact and beneficial  to our society. Here they are…

Island Kid

The Mush-keteers

Red Light District

Indigenous Cultural Tourism Program

The Passion Wearthy Project

Prepper Plus Go Bags

Silent Beads

Pharmaton Life Changers’ Challenge:Success in Numbers was conceptualized with the aim of finding passionate Filipinos wanting to create positive change and help them sustain their energy for others and not just for themselves. Pharmaton, with the unique combination of multivitamins, minerals, Ginseng G115 and deanol has provided each life changers mental alertness to fulfill their visions and go beyond themselves.

For more information about Pharmaton Life Changers’ Challenge:Success in Numbers you may visit or you may follow them on their facebook page



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