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Balete As The Biking Capital Of Southern Batangas

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Mountain biking is very known nowadays, not just for extreme sports and hobby, but also as a normal activity for exercise and a form of bonding for families and friends. I can see a lot of my friends doing it and I’m thinking of buying my own mountain bike as well(for fitness purposes hehehe).

Just recently, I was invited by Lima Park Hotel to cover a very momentous event in Batangas history. Lima Park Hotel has been very supportive when it comes to sports tourism all over Batangas. Just like the event which happened earlier this year which was the Batangas Earth And Water Festival 2015. This time, Lima Park Hotel gave it’s full-support at the launching of Balete as the Biking Capital of Southern Batangas in celebration of 46th founding Anniversary of the local government of Balete.

Balete Batangas Biking 2

Balete as the Biking Capital of Southern Batangas

Balete as the Biking Capital of Southern Batangas

Different biking groups all over Batangas, including local government personnel and some establishments (as sponsors) showed their support for the said event, biking their way from Barangay Malabanan to the Municipal Covered Court of Balete. More than 200 bikers participated. Wow! That’s a lot.

Balete as the Biking Capital of Southern Batangas

Balete as the Biking Capital of Southern Batangas

Very nice! Look at that view. I would not miss taking a photo of myself with that. Thank you so much Lima Park Hotel for lending me a bike. 🙂

Balete Batangas is well known for its location on Taal Lake, where you can clearly see and appreciate the panoramic view of the Taal Volcano. The stretch of Balete Batangas would be an exciting and challenging place for bikers with its uphill and downhill trails. I have tried a part of the said trail and  believe me, it was never easy to finish it.

From the starting line, up to the  Municipal Covered Court of Balete, it took me about almost 3 hours. I’m not aware that I am biking that long already. I lost track of time. Maybe because of the scenery.  I may not be the fastest but it was very rewarding for me since it is my first time to try biking outdoors and I finished it. I can’t imagine that I finished the  20+-kilometer track for the fun bike ride. Whew! I feel good! 🙂

Balete as the Biking Capital of Southern Batangas

At the end of the fun bike ride, a short progam was held. Mayor Leovino Hidalgo and other local government officials were present and announced some good news to the bikers of Batangas. Two of the great news revealed and highlighted by the mayor was alloting space on Balete roads specifically for bike lanes and creating a center for bikers.  Lots of raffle prizes were given away to all the registrants which includes a brand new mountain bike!.

Congratulations Lima Park Hotel and Local government of Balete Batangas for the successful launch of Balete As The Biking Capital Of Southern Batangas.  So, for the experienced and newbie bikers out there, go travel south and experience the biking trails of Balete!

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