Batman v Superman: A Non-Comic Fan Point of View

Batman v Superman

I was recently invited to the block screening of Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice last March 28, 2016 at Robinsons Galleria Movieworld and I was really excited and curious to watch it since it garnered several favorable and non-favorable responses  from the comic fans and non-comic viewers.

Batman v Superman

Media and bloggers with their friends and loved ones were all excited to watch the movie. Well, who wouldn’t be excited? Batman and Superman plus the stunning Wonderwoman in one movie. Woot! It’s really cool. Actually. I’m not much of a fan of DC even Marvel. I barely know all the characters, just some.

Batman and Superman are two of the most prominent character in DC Comics. In the movie both showed their capabilities, Batman with his witty tactics and physical strength and Superman on the other hand, his super powers as what he is famously known for. Others say that the movie is quite deviated and different from the original comic story. As I said earlier, I am not a DC fan so I really can’t compare.

Batman vs Superman

Of course there’s no perfectly-made movie, there would always be flaws and it cannot please everyone who are watching.  Having said that, Batman v Superman Dawn Of Justice also has some minimals flaws. One is the lighting. I find the movie lighting quite dark. It’s like almost the whole time that there’s a huge storm or hurricane coming. That kind of dim. I don’t know, maybe it was really intended to be that way. There are time it’s hard to see the full details especially on Batman scenes. Batman’s color is black, his costume, his batmobile and more. So with the dim lighting, it quite blends with it. Other’s don’t like Ben affleck as Batman? and why is that?, I’m not one of them. I think Ben Affleck did a good job portraying Batman. So don’t be sad Ben.

Well, for Superman, remember the scene where his earth mother was kidnapped? If Superman has the power to locate and hear people in danger, howcome he did not hear and sense that his mom is in danger and saved her on that very moment. Well just a thought. Maybe there’s an explanation for that. Is there a certain radius to where can Superman hear or detect? Can someone exlpain it to me?.:)

Lex Luthor, he might be the psycho-villain in the movie but I love him hahaha. He is so brainy. The actor playing Lex, Jesse Eisenberg, is really good. He gave justice to the character of Lex Luthor. He can make you laugh and can make you really irritated during his scenes. He really does stand out.

And lastly, Wonderwoman. WOOOOOT! this superhero is soooooo hot in the movie. #Girlcrush. Actually, she’s the one that I’m aiming for to watch because I’ve seen the trailers, The one where she uses her shield to cover Batman and Superman from the fire blow of Doomsday. She’s strong, she’s brave and she’s beautiful. With the actress, Gal Gadot, I love her look more when she’s wonderwoman than her normal civilian look. I love how she exudes beauty  even when fighting.

If you would ask me for a non-DC comic fan’s point of view, Batman v Superman Dawn Of Justice really delivers. I love the movie. I’ll give it 7.5 out of 10.

Batman v Superman

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