Chef Rob Pengson And Pharmaton

Pharmaton, has been helping many lives for years now by providing its users their much needed vitamins and minerals. Not just that, it also has Ginseng G115 and Deanol which can improve mental and physical performance. Plus it helps combat stress and fatigue, raises body’s immune system and improve overall mood, memory and attention.


This is the very reason why Chef Rob Pengson, a culinary chef, restaurateur, a father, a husband and a long-time Pharmaton brand ambassador, trust the brand.  When you are a business owner like chef Rob, even though you love what you are doing, there would always be times that stress and fatigue would set in.

Just recntly, Chef Rob Pengson shared how Pharmaton has helped him to keep going no matter how stressful life is.

“Of course, my family is the top force that drives me to keep going in life. But I also need a partner that can keep up with my busy and active lifestyle. A partner that can provide me with mental and physical energy to literally keep me going. Good thing I have discovered Pharmaton.”

“As a chef, ingredients are key in transforming any dish into a lavish cuisine. Ia also apply the same principle when choosing my multivitamins. I’ve tried a lot already, but nothing compares to Pharmaton. With vitamins + minerals +ginseng 115 + Deanol, what more can you ask for?”



Chef Rob Pengson also shared during the event how to prepare some meals at home, which you can use as an avenue to bond with your family.

In the near future, Chef Rob and his wife, who is also a chef and a Pharmaton user, will continue to innovate the Filipino cuisine that they serve in their restaurants. And with some surplus energy even after long and tiring day outside home, both of them can still spend some quality time with the whole family.

Chef Rob is just one of the many users who have strived for success with Pharmaton as their partner.  You too can start your own successs story. Keep Going. Take Pharmaton.



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