Ginebra San Miguel GIN On The Go At Mercato Centrale BGC

It was really a fun weekend for me and my blogger friends as we experienced Ginebra San Miguel in a new and exciting way last November 7, 2015 at Mercato BGC. People started to pile up, hungry stomach rumbled and it was a Saturday so it’s gimmick time for everyone that night.

Ginebra San Miguel GIN On The Go

Ginebra San Miguel GIN On The Go

I usually see food trucks in a food haven like Mercato, but when we arrived, aside from the several food booths, there’s a big truck serving different concoctions using San Miguel Gin products as base for their mixes. That night was not just about food trip but also about discovering something new when it comes to drinks.

The Ginebra San Miguel GIN On The Go Truck served different concoction that night, which gave Ginebra drinkers a new twist of flavorful drinks. For Only Php150 pesos, you get to try 5 different mixes which you can actually do at home or private parties such as:

Manila Sunrise: Mix of Ginebra San Miguel, Orange Juice Concentrate, Coffee Liqueur and ice.

All Nighter: Mix of Ginebra San Miguel, energy drink, water, Blue Curacao, and ice.

Royal Blue Fizz: Mix of GSM Blue, Creme de Cassla, Orange Juice, and ice.

Mojito Slush: Mix of GSM Blue Flavors Mojito, Mint leaves, Lime Cubes, Sugar Syrup, Sprite and crushed ice.

Sweet Lemony Martini: Mix of Ginebra San Miguel Premium Gin, Freshly squeezed lemon juice, Sugar Syrup and ice.

Ginebra San Miguel GIN On The Go

Just in case you don’t want to buy the whole Ginebra Gin Sampler, you can also buy per cup for Php50.  That goes with all the mixes.

Ginebra San Miguel GIN On The Go

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Too bad that I’m allergic to liquor(so it’s just food trip for me), but hey these drinks got some positive feedbacks when being paired with food as seen on the photos above.

Ginebra San Miguel GIN On The Go

Ginebra San Miguel GIN On The Go

Ginebra San Miguel also had something in store for everyone that night. Present were Ginebra San Miguel’s Calendar Girl 2016, Ms. Arci Muñoz and the funny/witty Bogart the Explorer  in support to their Ginebra family and to entertain the crowd as well.

I went home with a full belly that night. Hahahah! Even though I wasn’t able to try the Gin sampler or any liquor from the Ginebra truck, I got drunk anyways with fun and laughter brought by my friends. 🙂

So where would Ginebra San Miguel GIN On The Go truck’s next stop? Stay tuned.

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