Impossible Move Manila, is a football face-off activity initiated by Jamba Juice, world’s go-to source of of fresh and better-for-you beverages and food, which aims to challenge and inspire achievers to go beyond their own capabilities.


Jamba Juice invited football players from all levels of aptitude to join and show what they are truly made of.

Football has fast risen to prominence in the local sports scene with more and more enthusiasts seriously pursuing excellence here and abroad. Being a highly competitive sport, football is also fast gaining fans for the strategy, teamwork, and high-impact exercise involved. Hence, regardless of the level of proficiency of any player, it’s really not difficult to understand why football has become one of the most beloved sport here in the country.





Mentored by Mark McMahon and Charlie Sutcliffe,  all participants learned how to master the seemingly impossible football moves. As in any sport, learning the basics is fundamental and essential to success. However, to limit oneself within the boundaries of what’s only possible is a huge hurdle on achieving greatness and conquering your own fears.

“We want to show people that through hard work, dedication, and collaboration, the seemingly impossible can be done excellently. Impossible Move Manila seeks to encourage and motivate these young active achievers to continue pursuing their passions by being part of a community of like-minded people. We want the young generation of Filipino achievers to continue nurturing their passions and chase after their own personal goals. And we are here to join them and push them to do just that” said Sharon Fuentebella, Max’s Group Incorporated (MGI) Executive Vice President.


Special Jamba Juice blends specially created by Mark and Charlie were served before and after the program to ensure that the players have the necessary boost and fuel to up their game and after for recovery.


At the end of the program, outstanding players were awarded with exclusive prizes that include a year’s worth of Jamba Juice!

Since its Philippine launch in 2011, Jamba Juice has been blending delicious better-for-you beverages and snacks that are made from sustainably-sourced fresh produce. Jamba Juice believes, not only in spreading the idea of a healthy lifestyle through its menu offerings, but also in advocating activities that help communities of achievers to live better and more well-rounded lives.

“Jamba Juice hopes to empower Filipinos to reach their goals and become achievers. By engaging communities through activities, such as ‘Impossible Move Manila,’ we want to showcase the fun, well-rounded lifestyle that we know Filipinos truly aspire for,” added Ms. Fuentebella.

For more information about Jamba Juice, their latest promo offerings, activities, and to discover how the brand supports healthy lifestyles and its advocacy kindly visit http://www.jambajuice.ph



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