J&T PLASTICWARE Celebrates 25th Anniversary!

J&T Plasticware was established in 1990, manufacturing and producing several plastic consumer items such as   hangers, clips, baskets, trash cans, food containers, plates. The company was small back then. As years passed by, J&T Plasticware grew, producing bigger and wide array of various plastic consumer items that are certainly very useful in every household, offices and many more.


And now, J&T Plasticware, the country’s leading plastic manufacturing company, just celebrated its 25 Years of providing good, elegant, affordable and high quality plasticware products.

On its 25th anniversary, J&T Plasticware continues to be relentless in its pursuit to be the best plasticware manufacturing company in the Philippines and build a leading brand that will be the consumers’ top choice for quality, convenient and affordable plasticware products.

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Today, J&T has established a comprehesive product line that include a variety of kitchen and bedroom organizers like chest drawers, cabinets, kitchen organizers, functional boxes, plus monobloc chairs and tables, among others.


True to its icon of “Pambansang Plasticware,” J&T is committed to its mission of developing high quality yet affordable plasticware products that cater to the needs of consumers. It continuously improves and innovates its product line-up year in and year out for total customer satisfaction.  This dedication has not gone unnoticed, thanks to the awards and recognitions the company has received from various consumer groups. One of it is from the prestigous Superbrands, the international independent authority and arbiter on branding.

If you are planning to buy your household plasticwares, you might want to consider J&T Plasticware products. Durable, Affordable and High quality! 


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