Learn How To Survive The 2016 Global Market Crash. Join The National Achievers 2015 Congress!

Robert Kiyosaki predicted that year 2016, there will be a global market crash which is 20% WORSE than the 2008 economic crash. This financial meltdown CAN wipe out the poor and the middle class, but CAN make the rich GET richer.

Know more about the 2008 economic crisis and and his 2016 market crash prediction. Watch Robert Kiyosaki’s interview video from Palisade Radio.

They say “When the US Sneezes the world catches a cold”. So what does US economic meltdown have to do with other countries like the Philippines?

According to Essay UK (Source: Essay.uk.com – http://www.essay.uk.com/free-essays/business/the-world-catches-a-cold.php), from Europe to Australia, Asia to America, the people from each and every part of world currently are facing the vivid collapse in the global financial market. The Investment market, the corporate world, the commercial banking sectors, or the tourism industries are not the only sectors greatly suffering through this biggest traumatizing threat. The shattering effects of this Financial Meltdown are felt at consumers, the driving force of Economy. Known more commonly as ‘The Deep Sub-Prime Crisis – 2008/09’ or ‘The Great Sub-Prime Crisis – 2008/09’, this market crisis has emerged as the most recent as well as captivating challenge not only for the Economists but also for the corporate bosses. Some of the severe outcomes of this threatening situation felt are:

  • Banks undergoing huge losses, some to the extent of bankruptcy .
  • Massive increase in the prices of commodity and assets followed by deflation
  • Increased Prices of Petroleum Fuels and oil products, Food Products etc.
  • Real Estate bubbling
  • Outsourcing and contracting work in place of Hiring of employees
  • Unemployment growth due to job cut downs
  • Temporary Holds on business Expansions
  • Affected payment capabilities of corporate firms.

Scary right? But we must always remember that PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. We have to act now and educate ourselves even more about the ins and outs of finances in order to shield ourselves and survive or at least not be greatly affected of this impending financial turbulence in 2016.

Masters of Wealth: Robert Kiyosaki Live In Manila

Robert Kiyosaki Live In Manila

And what a great timing because this year, on November 30, 2015 at the National Achievers 2015 Congress,  Robert Kiyosaki, a very well know wealth guru and author of various self-help books about finances will visit Manila and step on the stage of  SMX Convention Centre in Mall of Asia in Pasay City together with six other international “Masters of Wealth” such as  Mr. Bellum Tan (also known as “Rich Dad Asia”), Mr. JT Foxx(World’s No.1 Wealth Coach), Mr. Rob Riopel (Millionaire Mind Intensive Coach), Mr. Mario Singh(Asia’s No.1 Forex Coach), Mr. Peng Joon (Outstanding and Successful Internet Marketing Guru), Andrew Matthews(Author of Be Happy), and Richard Duncan(Best Selling Author and Global Economic Specialist).

All of them will each share their expertise on wealth coaching, branding, investment, forex, internet marketing, and real estate that will surely can guide, equip, and prepare you for the big one next year.

Read each speaker’s profile here: www.girlandboything.com/events/masters-of-wealth-robert-kiyosaki-live-in-manila/

What to expect on this whole day event?

Masters of Wealth: Robert Kiyosaki Live In Manila event is designed to help existing and future business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and interested individuals achieve outstanding results in an increasingly competitive world. These leading specialist educators will prepare you with the essentials for wealth creation in 2016:

• The importance of having a financial education to succeed in any economy.

• The good, the bad, and the great opportunities to thrive in 2016.

• Why right now is your best opportunity to start a successful business.

• How good debt is easy to get & can make you rich.

• What you will need to capitalize on global volatility in 2016.

• Generating multiple streams of income before the CRASH in 2016.

• Raising venture capital to fund your dream.

• The skills you must know for business, sales & entrepreneurial success.

• What holds back the average person from achieving more in life.

• How to transition from an Employee mindset to a Business Owner mindset.

For Ticket Rates and inclusions, please see photo below:

Robert Kiyosaki Live In Manila

How about you? Still thinking of the right timing to learn things about finances? NOW IS THE TIME TO LEARN-Feed our mind and find your way to get out of the RAT RACE and survive the incoming 2016 crash.

For more information and ticket inquiries for the National Achievers 2015 Congress, Masters of Wealth: Robert Kiyosaki Live In Manila, please call (02) 689-7194, 0922-8908880, and 0917-5996875, or you may buy your tickets online via http://richdadphilippines.com/events



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