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There’s a new player for the events and marketing sector, the RX International Events & Marketing Consultancy Co.. Founded by Dr. Robert C. Sy, a surgeon, philantropist and international organization leader alongside with a scholar and a dynamic visionary, Xialeemar “Xiameer”Valdeavilla, who has great experience for events and marketing for more than 10 years.

RX International

RX International Events & Marketing Consultancy Co. was formed with a mission to integrate global standards in the implementation of events and marketing programs through fusion of art with the science of a real event and marketer expert. The company wants to propagate event management education and professionalization in the Philippines. This is in observance to most event managers/organizers who gain their foothold in the industry based on their portfolio of projects and not on their curriculum background.

RX International Event

“Practically, everyone from the industry sector with any course and of any age can organize an event. We’re not saying that this is not good, but the country’s event management industry can have a paradigm shift and reach international standards if we can inject the basics of event management in the current K-12 course curriculum. The trend for professionalization and certification accreditation for event managers has already been making waves globally. With the innate talent of the Filpinos, it’s high time that we make event management to a higher and professional level.”, says Ms. Valdeavilla.

The Technical Education and Skills Development Authorith(TESDA) promulgated the Training regulations on Event Management National Certificate lll in 2007. Ms Valdeavilla proposes event management may be included in the K-12 senior high school program or Grades 11 and 12, which carries TESDA’s National Certification l and ll. By doing do, it can be aligned with TESDA’s current Event Management NC lll which can lead to a better understanding of the subject and also to further studies related to event management. In US, Event Planning is ranked among the Top 50 careers across all professions.

With professional event managers, RX International believes that event practitionerscan have better employment opportunities and abroad. Overseas emploments however require diplomas/certification and having those could open great opportunities for many.

Over the years, events have become a key factor in the success of marketing campaigns. Well, I believe that as well. Being a blogger, I have attended several events which created buzz in the communities and has reached a huge number of target market.

RX International

RX International remain steadfast on their goal to promote event management education and professionalism in the country. It is the key ingredient to raise the bar of service excellence and maximizing the economic impact and market.

For more information about  RX International Events & Marketing Consultancy Co. you may visit their Facebook page www.facebook.com/RX-International-Events-and-Marketing-Consultancy-Co-








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