Seek Your Way To Financial Freedom And Get Out Of The Rat Race!

If you want to achieve financial freedom, you need to start with the right mindset. This will give you the driving force and the will power to concentrate on the things that will only lead you to your desired goals.

Financial Freedom

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“Money comes and goes, but if you have the education about how money works, you gain power over it and can begin building wealth” -Robert Kiyosaki.

Achieving  financial freedom is not as easy as 1-2-3. You have to exert effort, put a lot of your patience, and time to achieve it. And if you want to be rich, you need to be financially literate. You’ve got to read, learn  and understand numbers. Remember that the number one cause of poverty or financial struggle is fear and ignorance.

FEAR: Fear of not having money and taking risks, so people intend to work hoping that having money will eliminate the fear but the truth is… it doesn’t. Fear can paralyze you specially with your decision making.

IGNORANCE:  Once a person stops learning, ignorance sets in and can cause fear.  According to Warren Buffet, “Risks comes from not knowing what you’re doing”. Whether you like it or not, risks are always there, so don’t be afraid to try and make mistakes because that’s where learning sets in. It is better to try and make mistakes, than not trying at all. Learn… Learn… and Learn.

And with that, what a perfect timing because this coming November 30, at the National Achievers Congress 2015, Robert Kiyosaki and 7 other financial mentors and speakers will join forces at SMX Mall of Asia to teach Filipinos techniques and strategies on how to achieve financial freedom. You will surely learn a lot from them, so I hope you would not miss this one-day event out.

Masters Of Wealth

What to expect on this whole day event?

This full day event is designed to help existing and future business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and interested individuals achieve outstanding results in an increasingly competitive world. These leading specialist educators will prepare you with the essentials for wealth creation in 2016:

• The importance of having a financial education to succeed in any economy

• The good, the bad, and the great opportunities to thrive in 2016

• Why right now is your best opportunity to start a successful business

• How good debt is easy to get & can make you rich

• What you will need to capitalize on global volatility in 2016

• Generating multiple streams of income before the CRASH in 2016

• Raising venture capital to fund your dream

• The skills you must know for business, sales & entrepreneurial success

*What holds back the average person from achieving more in life

• How to transition from an Employee mindset to a Business Owner mindset

Buy your tickets now! Learn a lot from these financial gurus. Jumpstart your will power to achieve financial freedom and get out of the rat race soon.

Robert Kiyosaki Live In Manila

For ticket inquiries, ROBERT KIYOSAKI LIVE IN MANILA with the MASTERS OF WEALTH, please call:(02) 689-7194, 0922-8908880, 0917-5996875. Or you may buy your tickets online via




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