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A Unique Outdoor Movie Experience at the Cream-O Flix Fest

Posted on 2 m read

Watching a movie is one of the activities that we do to bond with our family, friends and even on our alone or “me” time. It is an activity that will redirect your thoughts to something relaxing and non-stressful. Away from the pressure of work and many more.

Just recently, Cream-O hosted an afternoon of outdoor movie screening marathon featuring 3 family-oriented movies such as “Minions”, “Pitch Perfect 1″ and one of the well-loved romantic-comedy movie “50 First Dates.”

Since my schedule at home is quite hectic, I was able to watch the last movie only at the Cream-O Flix Fest which was 50 First Dates. Did bring my sister with me for a different bonding experience. Since we both love watching romantic flix, the last movie was just right to hit our movie cravings.

While some were busy watching the movie, the others also enjoyed the fun activities on the side that Cream-O has prepared for the CreamOholics. The “Cream-Ofied Creations” booth where you can personalize your very own Cream-O cookie in four easy steps:choose, dip, sprinkle and drizzle. There’s also the “Unlock the Popcorn Stash” and “Guess the Movie” trivia game booth . And lastly,  the “i Love Cream-O” photo booth where CreamOholics got the chance to snap photos for a more memorable Cream-O Flix Fest experience.

After finishing these activities, CreamOholics dropped off their accomplished activity card to the raffle box which gave them a chance to win some exciting raffle prizes such as Fujifilm lnstax mini cameras and Robinsons gift certificates which were raffled off after each movie screning.

Quite an outdoor bonding experience right?

For more updates on the latest events/activities from Cream-O, you may follow them of Facebook, Twitter and lnstagram at @creamoholicsph. Hashtags: #HappinessofCreamOholics #CreamOFlixFest

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