Let’s Munch! Try The New Jack n’ Jill Nova Jalepeño Snack

Get your tastebuds ready and have a flavorful burst of spicy Jalapeño with a dash of sweetness  with the new Jack n’ Jill Nova Jalepeño flavor!

Jack n' Jill Nova Jalepeño

I love spicy food. But when it comes to snacks, I have some limitations because some spicy flavored snacks are not really good to taste. Either too spicy you can’t bear to eat it or not spicy enough you wanted more of the spicy taste.

 Somehow I think that this Jack n’ Jill Nova Jalepeño is worth trying since I love the brand’s Cheese flavor variant.

Jack n' Jill Nova Jalepeño

So, after recieving loads of Jack n’ Jill Nova Jalepeño, I immediately opened one to know the differenceUpon opening, that strong distinct scent of jalepeño went out of the package. Actually, the jalepeño scent filled my room. That’s how strong the scent of Jack n’ Jill Nova Jalepeño is.

Jack n' Jill Nova Jalepeño

 I brought some on my way to an event because I know that It would be traffic(as usual) and I’m kinda hungry as well. So this  Jack n’ Jill Nova Jalepeño saved me from boredom and starvation (hahaha) as I munch my way until I reached my destination.

Jack n' Jill Nova Jalepeño

Jack n' Jill Nova Jalepeño

To my surprise, and with all fairness,  Jack n’ Jill Nova Jalepeño surpassed my expectations. The spicyness level is moderately good, enough for you to finish everything and that sweet taste compliments well with the taste of the Jalepeño. Well I think it kinda neutralizes the spicy flavor which is good. But still, don’t forget to  bring drinking water with you. You will need it 🙂

Here are some comments that I got from people who tasted Nova’s newest flavor:

“Masarap sya, right blend of spicyness & sweetness ehehe”- Gem Ong

“It can be an exciting substitute for nachos since it has this distinct flavor that woll make you jump. I’m not a fan of spicy stuff but with it’s taste, it’s really good.” -Elmo Caparas

“Not a fan of spicy food but this one is super good! Perfect combination of sweetness and spicyness” -Grace Torres

Jack n' Jill Nova Jalepeño

So try it now and taste it for yourself! Live the Nova life and spice up your next adventure with Jack n’ Jill Nova Jalepeño!

Made with the goodness of four wholesome grains such as wheat, corn, oats, and rice, Jack n’ Jill Nova Jalepeño is a guilt-free snack that would definitely fits well with your active lifestyle.

Grab this mouth-watering snack in leading groceries, supermarkets, convenience stores, and sari-sari stores nationwide.  It’s also available in Country Cheddar and Homestyle Barbeque flavors.