Doggies’ Choice Kawati Naturale Shampoo Review

Doggies' Choice Kawati Naturale Shampoo review Ph

Did you know? Ticks, fleas, and mites can cause serious health problems and skin issues to your dog. Anemia, Ehrlichia(Dengue in Dogs), Tick Paralysis, Flea Allergic Dermatitis, and Mange, just to mention a few. This may sound scary, but the good news is, these illnesses and skin conditions can be prevented or at least lessen the risk of occurence. Aside from proper nutrition and providing a clean place for your furbaby, keeping your dog’s coat and skin in good condition is also a must do.

Doggies' Choice Kawati Naturale Shampoo Review

If you see your dog restless because of constant scratching, chewing at his skin or licking on a certain spot, and noticed some rashes, hot spots, lesions, scabs and loss of fur, this could be a sign of a skin problem like Mange, or most commonly known here in the Philippines as “Galis”. Mange is a skin disease caused by mites which can affect different animals, including humans.

Mange has 2 major forms in Dogs:

  • Sarcoptic Mange (what we also known as canine scabies)– Caused by Sarcoptes scabie, a circular-shaped, eight-legged mite. This form of mange is highly contagious and this parasite can be transmitted from dog to dog and dog to humans-though it doesn’t live that long in human host. First signs of infection usually can be seen on ears, chest, hocks, elbows, and belly. If left untreated, It can spread quickly .
  • Demodectic Mange (also known as demodex or red mange)– Caused by Demodex canis, a cigar-shaped mite. This mite exist as natural part of your dog’s skin flora, usually harmless and not transmissible to human. When your dog has a healthy immune system, its numbers are controlled. But for the weakened ones, its level increases significantly and will show physical symptoms.
  • How to treat Mange?

    As a responsible pet owner, bringing your dog to the vet for mange treatment is the first thing you should have in mind whatever the severity may be  for proper diagnosis and to make sure that there’s no other underlying factors causing the skin problem. Aside from following the vet’s orders for treatment, you can also look for other natural remedies for mange infestation to help speed up the healing process or can at least prevent it from further spreading. Products containing Madre de Cacao is one example.

    Madre de Cacao or known as “Kakawate”, is a medicinal plant that can cure several skin problems such as Scabies in humans and is also safe for animal use for mange treatment. It is also good in getting rid of ticks, fleas and mites and can make your dog’s coat smoother and softer.

    Just recently, I got a package from Doggies’ Choice containing their newest product line under their anti-mange category… The Doggies’ Choice Kawati Naturale Shampoo. Watch my unboxing here:

    Inspired by the success of the brand’s anti-mange line in the market, Doggies’ Choice has developed another Madre de Cacao-based shampoo specially formulated to shield adult dogs and puppies from various diseases. 

    Doggies’ Choice Kawati Naturale Shampoo comes in white plastic bottle with colored labels representing each variant(the liquid shampoo matches with the color too).  Check them out below:

    Doggies' Choice Kawati Naturale Shampoo Review

    GENTLE PUPPY: Has a mild powder scent formula with a unique blend of gentle extracts from Madre de Cacao that is ideal for a puppy skin. This shampoo gently cleanses, provides parasitic protection, and keeps the natural moisture of your dog’s coat. 

    Doggies' Choice Kawati Naturale Shampoo Review

    MERRY STRAWBERRY: Keep your dog’s skin and fur pest-free and moisturized with the combination of Jojoba wax, Lactic Acid, Aloe Vera and Madre de Cacao while you enjoy the aromatic scent of strawberry sweetness. 

    Doggies' Choice Kawati Naturale Shampoo Review

    OATMEAL & TAWAS:  Made to thoroughly cleanse, deodorize, soothe minor skin irritation, moisturize, and get rid of parasites with the power of combined properties of madre de cacao, oatmeal, baking soda, and tawas. It also has a tropical scent that leaves your dog’s fur a refreshing touch. (This is actually my top pick when it comes to the scent-really smells so good).

    Doggies' Choice Kawati Naturale Shampoo Review

    VOLUMIZING: Give your dog’s coat an extra body with this volumizing and moisturzing shampoo. It is ideal to dogs with harsh, curly, textured and wired coat. This shampoo is infused with a unique blend of Jojoba wax, aloe vera and lenotol SCP panthenol derivative that thickens coat and adds density and volume to your dog’s fur. It also protects your dog from scabies and other infestations through the powerful madre cacao extract.

    Doggies' Choice Kawati Naturale Shampoo Review

    COOL PEPPERMINT: This shampoo variant provides a cooling sensation that is ideal to use after heat exposure. It contains mild and gentle ingredients such as Jojoba Wax, Lactic Acid and Peppermint, combined with the anti-parasitic properties of Madre de Cacao . You may use this when your dog has been exposed under the heat of the sun or after a long playful day. 

    Since my dog does not have a mange infestation or skin problem as of the moment(and i hope to still not have in the future), I used one of the variants of Kawati Naturale Shampoo, the Cool Peppermint, for its other purposes instead -a preventive regimen for ticks, fleas and mites, to clean my dog’s fur and to give a refreshing sensation for my dog since it is quite hot lately.
    Doggies' Choice Kawati Naturale Shampoo Review

    Doggies' Choice Kawati Naturale Shampoo Review

    As I pour the liquid shampoo into my palm, I can immediately smell that peppermint scent. When I applied it on Skipper’s wet fur, I observed that it does not produce much lather. But don’t worry, soap/shampoo/detergent’s effectiveness does not depend on the amount of lather it produces. These products uses surfactants, so the more surfactants they have, the more lather it produces.) The mentholated feeling on the other hand, kinda lacks a bit since I hardly feel that air-cool feeling. Well that’s what I observed from my skin, not sure if it is the same for my dog (it my vary-my dog’s skin reaction compared to mine). 

    Going back to bathing, as I spread and rub it even more, it really did a good job in removing dirt from the fur. After rinsing, there’s still a hint peppermint scent, but it is not that prominent anymore just like when it was being squeezed out of the bottle. It’s understandable because my dog has a natural scent as well and when combined with the peppermint, it kinda tapers it down.  

    As for the tick and flea prevention, just for comparison, with regular shampoo- on the same day I can already see some fleas wandering around under Skipper’s fur and ticks in between Skipper’s paws. With Doggies Choice Kawati Naturale Shampoo, about a day or two I only found about a couple of ticks all over Skipper’s body and no fleas. 

    Doggies' Choice Kawati Naturale Shampoo Review

    REMINDER: Doggies’ Choice Kawati Naturale Shampoo is safe to use on 8 months and older dogs. 

    So if you are looking for a natural remedy for mange, or just want to keep your furbaby clean, and protected from flea and tick infestation, you might want to consider using Doggies’ Choice Kawati Naturale Shampoo. I’ve tried some of their products for mange treatment when my other dog got a skin issue and find it effective. So this newest product line-up from Doggies’ Choice is really a must-have for every fur-parent to help keep your dog’s hygiene.

    Doggies’ Choice Kawati Naturale Shampoo is available in 500ml(Php335), and 250ml(Php220) and you can buy them at Ace Hardware, Handyman, Pet Express, SM Stores, Pet Lovers Centre, Agrivets and other Petshops Nationwide. It is also available online in Shopee and Lazada.

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    Written by Cristelle Torres
    Online Content Creator