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Avon Feelin Fresh Deo Levels Up Sweat and Odor Protection

Posted on 2 m read

With the scorching heat this summer season, our sweat glands are working double time in releasing more sweat than usual and the possibilities of having bad odor may set in anytime if we do not apply deodorant or antiperspirant. Plus that awkward and embarrassing “bakat-pawis” moment on your armpits whenever you are wearing a shirt can greatly affect your confidence and will keep you away from enjoying your summer activities like traveling.

Me and my fiance’ loves to travel. Most of the time we are out doing some kind of active adventure, activities that makes us perspire more specifically in the underarms where sweat glands are very active. And a sweaty underarm isΒ  a good breeding ground for bacteria which can cause body odor. With that, we see to it that we use a deodorant or antiperspirant that will keep our underarms dry,Β  protected from body odor, and feeling fresh all day making us more confident to achieve our #TravelGoals this summer.

Just like us, power celebrity couple James Reid and Nadine Lustre certainly know how to achieve their travel goals and how to keep the romance fresh and make it stronger. This April, JaDine is set for more kili-kilig moments and a carefree, adventure-filled holiday with Avon Feelin Fresh.

Discovering what the world offers and going on an adventure with someone you love is always the best feeling. With Avon Feelin Fresh, couples like JaDine can plan and have the long-lasting freshness and confidence to go on more exciting trips under the sun and make the most out of the summer together.

Have you tried already one of these Avon Feelin Fresh Deodorants?

Avon Feelin Fresh has leveled up with its stronger formulation that provides longer-lasting 48-hour sweat and odor protection. With the upgraded Dry Pore Technology, Avon Feelin Fresh deodorants now works quicker, deeper, and more efficient.

Heads up! Don’t miss out the chance to grab this amazing deal this summer. AVON Feelin Fresh is available on a “BUY 1 GET 1” promo from April 1-15, 2017! Feelin Fresh is available through your local Avon representatives nationwide.

Visit or like Avon Philippines on Facebook to find out how you can get in touch with a representative.

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