Carrier Optima Cools Down The Heat This Summer

With the scorching heat that we are experiencing today, I believe that having an air conditioning unit is a must. But of course as we use it longer the threat of higher energy consumption and soaring electricity bills will drill a hole in your pocket.


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Based on studies, household energy consumption in the Philippines spikes during the summer. And for 2015, this could coincide with hikes in electricity prices. According to Meralco, power rates could increase P0.72 in May due to supply issues caused by the Malampaya maintenance shutdown.

“You also have to weigh these factors against maintaining home comfort amid punishing heat,” advises Harold Pernikar, Consumer Solutions Group Director of Concepcion-Carrier Air-conditioning (CCAC).

This summer, Filipinos could expect sweltering 38-degree temperaturesin the middle of an already scorching summer. “These conditions make it difficult for anyone to function, leading to day-long frustration that eventually keeps them from a comfortable night of well-deserved sleep,” describes Pernikar.

So, how exactly can you keep your home cool and comfortable while saving on electricity bills this summer?


Things to know to beat the heat

The good news is you don’t have to suffer or break the bank to beat the heat or the energy shortage. Here are a few simple ways to stay relaxed while you cool down that power bill:

  • Regularly cleaning your air conditioner
  • Making use of timers and other power-saving features
  • Replacing older air conditioners with newer, more efficient units

Regular maintenance and using air conditioners responsibly will go a long way in keeping the summer heat and your power consumption down. When replacing old units, always go for the product that uses the least power without compromising performance.

Consider the number of hours you run air conditioners in a day. Fixed-speed air con units are recommended for those who use air conditioners for less than 8 hours of air conditioning a day while inverter-type units are best for extended periods of use.

The most energy-efficient non-inverter aircon


 Carrier_Optima (WRAC)

Based on lab tests, the Carrier Optima Window Room Air Conditioner (WRAC) model is rated with the lowest electricity consumption among non-inverter air conditioner brands. With a power consumption of 498watts for 0.5hp, 580 watts for 0.75hp, and 855 watts for 1.0hp, it offers optimum cooling at the lowest operating cost.

It has the highest Energy Efficiency Ratios (EER) compared to others in its class while offering the best cooling temperature compared to its competitors. With an EER of 12.1(for 0.75hp), the model offers bigger savings for its owners—making it a considerable option for homes this summer.

It also comes with an energy saving plug and timer that allow users to save additional 40% on electricity.

The Carrier Optima is also available in High Wall Split model.


“For the next months, maintaining your power bill and keeping your home cool and comfortable for your family are top considerations. You should start by making smarter energy decisions at home when it comes to choosing the right air conditioner,” concludes Pernikar.

Carrier products are designed in engineering centers and manufacturing facilities located worldwide. Spread across six continents, Carrier’s global operations make it the largest manufacturer of air conditioning, heating, ventilation and refrigeration products. It is supported by a vast network of distributors, dealers, retailers, and technicians who sell, install and service Carrier products in over 170 countries.



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