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Project Pie’s Build Your Own Salad, Pasta And Pizza!

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Whenever I eat salad, pasta or pizza in restaurants, there are times or maybe most of the times that I remove some unwanted ingredients. I’m not that picky, but of course there are some ingredients on these dishes that I really don’t like the taste. And that’s the reason why I used to prefer making my own salad, pasta or pizza at home which is sadly very time consuming.

Now my dilemma is now addressed. Just recently, I was invited at newly opened Project Pie BGC branch(W City Center 7th Avenue 30th Street)Β  and was able to satisfy my cravings for pasta and pizza in one seating.. in one restaurant. Wasn’t able to try their salad though, but I’m glad that they have that in their menu. Will try it next time. Build Your Own Salad costs Php 240 (Regular)/ Php 380 (Large).

The BGC branch is a bit smaller compared to other Project Pie branches, but the ambiance is still maintained. Cozy and relaxing.

Project Pie

You can also Build Your Own Pasta for only Php 199 (Regular)Β  or Php 380 (Large). Customized my own garlic pesto pasta and added chicken to it. It comes with 2 pieces of garlic bread. YUM! YUM!

Project Pie has a different concept compared to other pizza joint. With Project Pie you can #BYO or Build your own Salad, Pasta, and Pizza. Yeah, customizing these meals could be fun and exciting. You can choose either their signature flavors or you choose your own ingredients. Don’t get scared to experiment. But of course you have to face the consequences of your choices hahaha. So are you on the safe side or the adventurous type? πŸ™‚

For their pizza, you can choose any of the 32 toppings to create your pizza masterpiece-all for the same price. You have the option to choose the ingredients right there and there as you order. Or you could ask for their Build Your Own Pizza checklist so you can think of what ingredients first that you want to put on your pizza before they prepare it for you. And in just 2 minutes, you can enjoy your pizza masterpiece. πŸ˜‰

I really like this concept because I get to choose my preferred ingredients which I know I can eat. So for my pizza I chose the half white/half red sauce, Mozzarella cheese, Ricotta cheese, Parmesan cheese, chicken chunks, fresh mushrooms, and pineapple. Then I requested the teriyaki sauce on top after(it’s not on the list but you can ask for it). Super love it! I love it more with cracked chili peppers for additional flavor. Build Your Own Pizza costs Php 299 (9 in.) / Php 399 (11 in.).

NEW! NEW! NEW! Check out the newest product offering of Project Pie… The Oven Baked Chicken Wings!. It comes in 3 amazing flavors- Buffalo Red, BBQ, and my favorite among all flavors, Pesto Parmesan. Project Pie’s Oven Baked Chicken Wings costs Php 199 (8 pcs)/ Php 299 (12 pcs). A MUST-try!

So are you excited to make your salad, pasta or pizza masterpiece? Drop by any Project Pie branch near you or you may order through and enjoy these sumptuous meals at the comfort of your home.

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