Alomah’s Place: A Serene Place In Northern Mindanao

horseback riding in Mindanao
Alomah’s Place in Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich. How do I begin describing this place?. It was really a one of a kind experience for me together with my fellow bloggers during our stay to our 2nd stop of our Organic Agriculture Farm Tour in Northern Mindanao.
 Benjohn and Grace Mahistrado
Alomah’s Place is a 2-hectare land owned and founded by husband and wife, Mr. Benjohn and Ms. Grace Mahistrado. The place was named after the maiden name of Ms. Grace “Alombro” and her husband’s surname “Mahistrado”. When you visit the place, you have to know the story how this whole farm started. You will be inspired how hardwork+passion +love built this beautiful place. Their success story made me realize so many things in life.
Alomah's Place
Going back, it was  raining hard when we arrived at the place. We headed straight to the Tent Floor, a 2-storey cottage where we rested for a while and waited for our dinner. In there, you would feel a very light and nature ambiance. Everywhere you look, you can see woods, cowboy paraphernalia, trophies which the owners got when they joined several cowboy competitions.
Alomah's Place
There’s also a videoke machine to add more entertainment for groups who are using the Tent Floor cottage. To bad we weren’t able to use that since we all just chat all night ahhaha!.
Alomah's Place
Alomah’s Place provided us a self-service welcome drink and salad. Alomah has their very own Salad dressing which  actually taste good by the way. They sell it for only (P75.00). The Alomah’s 3 in 1 Freshherb tea on the other hand, consist of fresh  Taragon, stevia and mint leaves submerged in a mug of hot water .
Alomah's Place
After our dinner, we already went upstairs to settle our things and rest. There we found 5 Tents. How cool right? indoor camping! We were supposed to sleep in the outdoor tents, unfortunately, it rained hard. But actually, when you are inside the tent, you’ll never know the difference. You can still hear the nature sounds. It was indeed a cool experience.
Since Alomah’s Place is located in the highlands, you would really feel the cold air getting through your clothes. YES! this kind of weather is something that I look forward to because it is super hot in Metro Manila.  A natural air-conditioner. With the said weather, I was able to sleep soundly that night. According to the owners, the temperature there can drop as low as 10 dergees celcius. Wow!
Just to warn you, since you know that the temperature is cold at Alomah’s Place, you have to endure the cold water as well hahaha! I don’t know if you can request for a hot water to put in your bathing water. But believe me, the water is freezing cold! But I survived! Just shout it out and jump! hahahaa!
Alomah's Place
Moving on. The next day, we waited for the sunrise and I was really amazed how beautiful Alomah’s Place is when the sunlight shined over the place. Look at that view behind me. Lots of green. So relaxing and peaceful. Priceless.
Alomah's Place
We then proceeded to our farm tour as scheduled. As we walk through the farm, we saw some high-value crops such as different variety of lettuce and herbs which the farm sells. The farm uses organic fertilizers to feed and nourish its crops. With that, you’ll know that what you’re eating is really healthy and not showered with chemical fertilizers that can harm your health in the long run.
Alomah's Place
The farm also has this small pond where they breed and raise organic Tilapia which they also serve to their guests by order.
 Alomah's Place
After our farm tour, we tried some activites inside the farm. Some of my fellow bloggers bravely rode a bamboo raft. Hello there Marj! You’re so brave! Did not try this one, so scared to go out of balance hahaha since there’s no side rails that you can hold on to while riding on the raft.
horseback riding in Mindanao
I mentioned earlier that owners Sir Benjohn and Ms. Grace joined and won several cowboy competitions. Yes! They do have beautiful horses which you can actually ride on.

Meet Riffle, one of Alomah’s champion horses. At first I was scared, but my love for animals is more than my fear. It is actually my first time to ride a horse and it was a very cool experience. Another check for my bucketlist.

What else to see and experience at Alomah’s Place?

Alomah's Place Mindanao

The Bamboo Playground

For the kids and kid-at-heart, this bamboo playgound can add up to the enjoyment and fun during your stay.

Alomah's Place what to do

Alomah’s Place bonfire pit

A  different kind of bonding experience, as you light up a bonfire at night which will also keep you warm from the cold weather at Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich.

Alomah's Place Seminar hall

Alomah’s Place function hall

Alomah’s Place has a function hall where you can conduct seminars, and other indoor activities.

Alomah's Place cottages accommodation

Alomah's Place

Alomah's Place

These loft-type cottages are good for 4 persons for only P2,500 a night.

Alomah's Place outdoor camping

If you are the adventurous type, you can also rent a tent for only P500.00. That’s if the weather is nice.

Alomah’s Place is really a nice venue for team building, seminars, retreats, and family outing as well. And with all the activities mentioned above, It will surely be a breather from the stress, pollution and other negative things in the metro. A place that will make you feel healthy, energized, relaxed and clean.

Alomah's Place

So there you have it. Alomah’s Place. I’m really impressed how these kind of farms evolved from a simple farm into a place which promotes eco-tourism. Imagine if conventional farmers can change their ways and convert their farms to something like Alomah. Slowly but surely income will come . Plus they get to inspire, educate and help other people through their organic farm.

For more information about Alomah’s Place and for bookings/reservations, you may visit their Facebook Page or contact them directly through their mobile number 0908-8972466 / 0917-7153560.


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Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator