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March 8,2012, featured restaurant for the day “AQUAKNOX” located in San Lorenzo, Makati. A restaurant that offers Vietnamese  cuisines and seafood dishes.

The place looks  cozy, clean and warm lighted. Some interiors inside shows Asian in style. Paintings used reflects water-inspired pictures.

We were able to taste some of the dishes offered by this restaurant…

Goi Cuon(Php150)- Fresh spring rolls with shrimps, pork, lettuce and noodles.

–For the whole Aquaknox experience, this is my favorite dish. The sauce is really tasty, the you can really taste the grinded peanut mixed in the sauce. The sauce is quite salty but when poured and eaten with the spring roll,the salty taste neutralized.  wow! I love the taste. The lettuce used in this dish is a mint lettuce which has a distinctive taste while you’re eating the spring roll.

Goi Buoi Tom Nuong(Php185)- Pomelo salad with grilled shrimps, cabbage, cucumbers and Asian basil.

-The sauce taste like atchara sauce, which when mixed with the salad gives the salad its flavor. The salad and the sauce should be eaten together because both complement each other’s taste.

Mi Bo Kho(Php215)- Beef brisket stew with egg noodles

-I love this stew, you can really taste the beef in the soup with the distinctive taste of ginger in it. The noodles is firm and not overcooked.

Ca Che Kho Tieu(Php285)- Catfish simmered in caramelized pepper sauce with green onion and bean sprouts

-So sad, I really don’t eat catfish so I wasn’t able to eat the fish part hehehehe. I will just describe the sauce, the caramelized sauce taste like barbeque sauce, the combination of sweet and salty taste blends well. I love the taste of it.


Cari Ga(Php285)- Chicken curry with potatoes, carrots and onions

-The curry taste is mild, the chicken is well cooked, the sauce is not that thick. The dish is kinda ordinary.

Open ricer’s pic… thank you Open rice till our next food trip experience….


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