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Be RESPONSIBLE: Yes 2 test!…Voluntary HIV Testing

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To enlighten you about HIV and AIDS, let us talk about the difference between the two .

 HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus is the virus that can lead to Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, or what we called AIDS.

AIDS on the other hand, is a disease of the human immune system caused by infection with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) where there is a severe loss of the body’s cellular immunity, which greatly lowers the resistance making the body more prone to infection and other health conditions caused by viruses, parasites, fungi and bacteria.


Unlike some other viruses that human body can get,  HIV is one virus that we cannot get rid of. That means that once you get infected with HIV, you already have it FOR LIFE.

Globally, 34.0 million 31.4 million–35.9 million] people were living with HIV at the end of 2011. An estimated 0.8% of adults aged 15-49 years worldwide are living with HIV.

 In the Philippines, as of March 2013, AIDS Registry shows that there are 12,791 cumulative HIV positive individuals since 1984, UNAIDS projects a total of 28,072 actual cases in the Philippines.

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“Such discrepancy in figures is due to the wariness of the citizenry to have themselves tested of the virus. Since stigma and discrimination to Person Living with HIV (PLHIV) is too rampant, people don’t want to be tested. Worse, fifty percent of those who take the test do not go back for the results,” Ms. Teresita Marie Bagasao, UNAIDS Country Coordinator, said.


 You can get HIV from anyone who’s infected, even if they don’t look sick, even if they haven’t tested positive yet(usually there is a window period of 3-6 months before HIV can be detected thru tests). Most people get the HIV virus by:

  • Having unprotected sex with an infected person(oral sex and penetrative sex). Actually even protected sex can put you in high risk(even if you’re using condom since condoms can break or loosen making the body fluid seeps out.
  • Sharing a needle (shooting drugs) with someone who’s infected, accidental puncture of needle from infected person.
  • Babies born with infected mothers, or drinking the breast milk of an infected woman.
  • From unscreened blood from an infected blood donor used in blood transfusion from an infected blood donor.

AIDS is different in every infected person. Some people die soon after getting infected due to complications, while others live normal lives for many years, even after they were diagnosed as HIV Positive. 


There is no cure for AIDS. BUT, there is available treatment,a LIFE LONG treatment. It is like a maintenance drug that you will have to take for life. The treatment usually costs Php300 on tertiary hospitals, Php800 on clinics, Php1200-1500 on private hospitals and there are institutions that are giving it for Free.  

It is nice to know that here in the Philippines there are support groups and organizations even in legislation who are supporters and advocates of  HIV patients.

stop aids

The Philippines Legislators’ Committee on Population and Development (PLCPD), with support from UNAIDS(Joint United Nation Programme on HIV/AIDS), launches YES2Test which urges citizens to voluntary HIV testing.

“With Yes2Test, PLCPD wishes to encourage people to have themselves tested of HIV. We are bringing this concern into the 16th Congress and as part of our mandate, we shall also urge our lawmakers to work on bills that would help prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS,” said PLCPD  executive Director Rom Dongeto.

Having HIV/AIDS is not the end of the world. Never lose hope.

Be responsible, TAKE THE TEST!


Here are the Partial list of Testing Center in the Philippines


Angeles Social Hygiene Clinic Dr. Lucielle Ayuyao – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician / Add: 1-20 Cristina Drive, Villa Teresa Subd. Angeles City / (045) 3222979 Mobile # 0915-9872100

Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center (BGHMC) Dr. Manuel C. Factora – Medical Center Chief; /Add: Gov. Pack Rd. Baguio City /(074) 4423165; 4424080; 5236077; 5234103; 4428342; 4438342

Cagayan Valley Medical Center (CVMC) Dr. Emmanuel F. Acluba – Chief of Hospital; Dr. Teresita Reyes – HIV AIDS Core Team Leader / Add: Cagayan Valley, Tuguegarao City / (078) 3213561 – 64; 3213560; 8053560; 8467240; 8443789; Mobile #: 09176280924

Caloocan Social Hygiene Clinic Dr. Zenaida Calupaz – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician / Add: Mabini St. Calocan Health Dept. / 2888811 local 2281 Mobile # 09176018331

Research Institute of Tropical Medicine (RITM) Dr. Remigio M. Olveda – Executive Director; Dr. Rossana A. Ditangco – Head, HIV Research Unit / Add: Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City / 8072628 -32; 8072636; 8097599; 8422828; 8422245; 8072628 local 414 /208 Mobile # 0927510028

Laoag Social Hygiene Clinic Dr. Imelda Tamayo – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician / Add: Brgy. 10, City Health Office, Tupaz, Laoag City / (077) 7720289 Mobile # 09189797491

Ilocos Training & Regional Medical Center (San Fernando, La Union) (042) 888-5864/242-1143

Jose B. Lingad Memorial Med. Center (San Fernando City, Pampanga) (045) 9613921/9613380

Bicol Regional Training & Teaching Hospital (BRTTH) Dr. Rogelio G. Rivera – Chief of Hospital; Dr. Anna Lynda Bellen Add: Legaspi City, Albay / (052) 4830017; 4830886; 4830015; 4830636 Mobile #: 09177935692

Makati City Social Hygiene Clinic Dr. Calixto Salud – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician / Add: JP Rizal St. Brgy. :Poblacion, Makati City / 8701615

Mandaluyong City Social Hygiene Clinic Dr. Yolanda Tuaño – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician / Add: Maysilo Circle, Mandaluyong City / 5467799; 2115336 Mobile #: 09178424298

Manila Social Hygiene Clinic Dr. Diane Mendoza – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician / Add: San Lazaro, Sta. Cruz, Manila / 7116942 Mobile #: 0920-5779074

Marikina City Social Hygiene Clinic Dr. Honielyn Fernando – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician / Add: Marikina City / Mobile #: 09178298862

Pasay Social Hygiene Clinic Dr. Loretta Garcia – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician / Add: Pasay City Health Office / 5514180 Mobile #: 09228915674

Pasig City Social Hygiene Clinic Dr. Rocylene Roque – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician / Add: Caruncho Avene. Brgy. San Nicolas, Pasig City / 6400111

Puerto Galera Social Hygiene Clinic Dr. Ginalyn Caguete – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician / Add: Rural Health Clinic, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro / (043) 4420182 Mobile #: 09272383989

Puerto Princesa Social Hygiene Clinic Dr. Eunice Herrera – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician / Add: City Health Office, Puerto Princesa, Palawan / (043) 4658182 Mobile #: 09272383989

Batasan Social Hygiene Clinic Dr. Dottie Mercado – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician / Add: Batasan Hills, Quezon City / Mobile #: 09053576353

Bernardo Social Hygiene Clinic Dr. Suzette Encisa – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician / Add: Bernardo Clinic, Quezon City / Mobile #: 09164781607

Project 7 Social Hygiene Clinic Dr. Monina Santos – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician / Add: Project 7 , Quezon City / Mobile #: 09186184133

San Lazaro Hospital (SLH) Dr. Arturo Cabanban – Medical Center Chief; Dr. Rosario Jessica Tactacan – Abrenica – HIV AIDS Core Team Leader / 3099528-29; 7438301 local 6000 Mobile #: 09175359380; Bahay Kalinga 3099543 / 7323776 to 78

Ilocos Training and regional Medical Center (ITRMC) Dr. Francisco A. Valdez – Chief of Hospital; Dr. Jimmy Mynardo Mendigo – HIV AIDS Core Team Leader / Add: San Fernando, La Union / (072) 7001766; 7003766 Mobile #: 09204124478

Jose B. Lingad Memorial Medical Center Dr. Venancio S. Banzon – Chief of Hospital; Dr. Edwin Pasumbal – HIV AIDS Core Team Leader / Add: Brgy. San Dolores, San Fernando, Pampanga / (045) 961392; 9613380 Mobile #: 09274040365

Santiago Social Hygiene Clinic Dr. Robelyn Vera Go – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician Add: City Health Office, San Andres, Santiago City / (078) 6827687 Mobile #: 09194626389

Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center (JRMMC) Dr. Christine Villaroman / Quiricada St. Sta. Cruz, Manlia / Mobile #: 09228245216

MEDI – Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center Dr. Ma. Luisa M. Date / Add: Bldg. 14, DOH compound Sta. Cruz, Manila / 7438301 local 1702

Philippine General Hospital (PGH) Dr. Rolando Enrique Domingo – Director; Dr. Jodor Lim – HIV AIDS Core Team Leader; Ms. Dominga C. Gomez SAGIP Unit / Add: Taft Avenue, Manila / 5261705; 5673394 Mobile #: 09396258730; Sagip Program 521-8450

Tuguegarao Social Hygiene Clinic Dr. Josefina Chua – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician / Add: City Health Office, Tugegarao City / (078) 8462197 Mobile 09175745050


Vicente Sotto, Sr. Memorial Medical Center (VSSMC) Dr. Gerardo M. Aquino – Chief of Hospital; Dr. Regina Melodia – HIV AIDS Core Team Leader / Add: B. Rodriguez, Cebu City / (032) 2539882; 2539982; 2537564; 2532592 Mobile #: 09193473658

Cebu City Social Hygiene Clinic Dr. Ilya Tac –an – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician / Add: Gen. Maxilano St. Cebu City / (022 3659962 Mobile #: 09173291663

Iloilo Social Hygiene Clinic Dr. Odetta Villaruel – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician Address: Iloilo City (033) 3208151 Mobile #: 09215694450

Corazon Locsin Montelibano Memorial Regional Hospital Dr. Epifania S. Simbul – Chief of Hospital; Dr. Criselda E. Bacolor – HIV AIDS Core Team Leader / Add: Lacson St. Bacolod City / (034) 4351591;4332697; 2080094 Mobile #: 09228608876

Lapu-Lapu Ciy Social Hygiene Clinic Dr. Rodolfo C. Berame – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician

Mandaue City Social Hygiene Clinic Dr. Edna Seno and Dr. Debra Maria Catulong – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician

Western Visayas Medical Center (WVMC) Dr. Jose Mari C. Fermin – Chief of Hospital; Dr. Ray Celis – HIV AIDS Core Team Leader / Add: Manduriao St. Iloilo City / (033) 3211797; 3212802; 3211420; 3212841 to 50 Mobile #: 09189401217


Butuan Social Hygiene Clinic Dr. Jesus Chin- Chui – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician / Add: City Health Office, Butuan City / (085) 3423432; 815111 local 1039

Davao City Social Hygiene Clinic Dr. Jordana Ramitere – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician / Add: City Health Office, Magallanes St. Davao City / (222) 4187 Mobile #: 09209102718

Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) (Note: former Davao Medical Center DMC ) Dr. Leopoldo J. Vega – Chief of Hospital; Dr. Alicia Layug – HIV AIDS Core Team Leader / Add: JP Laurel St. Bajada, Davao City / (227) 2731 Mobile #: 09204241721

Davao Regional Hospital Ms. Telesfora A Hinay – Add: Apokon, Tagum City / (082) 2218593; 2279536; 4003653

Davao Medical Center (Davao City) (082) 221-7029

General Santos Social Hygiene Clinic Dr. Mely Lastimoso – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician / Add: General Santos City Hospital / (083) 3051510 Mobile #: 09088877512; 09198483116

Zamboanga Social Hygiene Clinic Dr Kibtiya Uddin – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician / Add: Petit Barracks, Zone 4C, Cty Health Office, Zamboanga City / Mobile #: 09274836672

Zamboanga City Medical Center (ZCMC) Dr. Romeo A. Ong – Chief of Hospital; Dr. Jejunee Rivera – HIV AIDS Core Team Leader / Add: Zamboanga City / (062) 9910573; 9912934; 9920154; 9916573; Mobile #: 09204241721


For your convenience, here is the list of facilities/hospitals in the Philippines that caters people living with HIV and/or AIDS (PLWHAs). These facilities  also closely monitor and provide proper medical attention to PLWHAs.


1. Department of Health San Lazaro Compound, Tayuman, Sta. Cruz, Manila (02) 743-8301 to 23

2. San Lazaro Hospital Quiricada St., Sta. Cruz, Manila (02) 743-8301 / 732-3776

3. The Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) Corporate Avenue, Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City (02) 807-2628 local 801 / 809-7599 / 807-2628 to 32

4. The Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) Satellite Clinic Leon Guinto St., Malate, Manila (02) 353-8829

5. Philippine General Hospital Taft Avenue, Manila (02) 526-1705 / 554-8400

6. Ilocos Training and Regional Medical Center Mac Arthur Highway/National Highway, Carlatan, San Fernando City, La Union (072) 242-1143 local 122 / 607-6418 to 22

7. Cagayan Valley Medical Center Cagayan Valley, Tuguegarao City (078) 321-3561 to 64 / 321-3560

8. Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center Governor Pack Road, Baguio City (074) 442-2012 / 442-3738

9. Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital Rizal St., Legazpi City, Bicol (052) 483-806 / 483-0014

10. Vicente Sotto Sr. Memorial Medical Center B. Rodriguez St., Cebu City (032) 253-7564 / 253-9882 / 253-9983

11. Western Visayas Medical Center Mandurriao St., Iloilo City (033) 321-2841 / 321-1797 / 321-1420

12. Corazon Locsin Montelibano Memorial Regional Hospital Lacson St., Bacolod City (034) 435-1591 local 226 / 208-0094

13. Davao Medical Center/Southern Philippines Medical Center J.P. Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City (082) 224-4915

14. Zamboanga City Medical Center Dr. Evangelista St., Sta. Catalina, Zamboanga City (062) 991-0573 / 991-2934


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