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Beng-Beng… 4 Delicious Taste in One Bite

Posted on 1 m read

Crunchy wafer with caramel and rice crispy covered with real soft chocolate in one!. For just Php6.00 per bar, you can enjoy this delicious chocolate covered wafer bar.

I love chocolate bars with caramel and crispies. That is why when I got a package of Beng-Beng, I immediately took it for a taste test.

I love the combination of the Β sweetness of the chocolate, the crispiness of the wafer and rice crispies and the caramel that made the whole bar chunky when you chew it.

I also tried eating my Beng-Beng chocloate wafer bar with my coffee. πŸ™‚

Truly, as the package says…”4 Delicious taste in One Bar” . You will definitely ask for more.


Beng-Beng is a product of PT MYORA INDAH Tbk.Β and exclusively distributed byΒ TRIDHARMA MARKETING CORPORATION.

Try otherΒ PT Β products distributed byΒ TRIDHARMA MARKETING CORPORATION.



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