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De La Salle Health Sciences Institute: Nurturing Life, Nurturing Potentials

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Education plays a very important role in building a person’s life and future. Education gives us a knowledge of the world around us and  help us become aware, discover, and mold our talents and potentials and use it for the betterment of own life and society.

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De La Salle Health and Sciences Institute understand the need for proper education. That is why it pursues its commitment in nurturing lives by providing holistic, excellent, and premium health professions education, health care, and research services. 

De La Salle Health and Sciences Institute is composed of three major services division: Academics, De La Salle University Medical Center, and the DLSHSI Angelo King Medical Research Center; and two institutional divisions: Lasallian Mission and Linkages and Finance and Administration Divisions. DLSHSI’s ministry of nurturing life is exemplified by the services provided by these divisions individually or together, as one, in communion in mission, through “Nurturing potentials,” “nurturing health,” “nurturing discoveries,” “nurturing communities,” and “nurturing your spirit.” 


De La Salle Health and Sciences Institute offers medical and health allied programs:

College of Medicine(CM)

Doctor of Medicine

College of Rehabilitation Sciences(CRS)

Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy

Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy

College of Nursing and School of Midwifery(CNSM)

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Diploma in Midwifery

College of Radiation Technology(CMRT)

Bachelor of Science In Radiologic Technology

I have come to take a closer look of the facilities of De La Salle Health and Sciences Institute and was really impressed on how updated and quality their equipments, laboratories, facilities, and education system are. They have nice set up giving every student a real-feel of working and handling patients in the hospital.







De La Salle Health and Sciences Institute  also offers scholarship grants because they believe that financial chllenges shouldn’t be a hindrance or should not deprive a student of his right to dream of finishing college education and earn a degree in the field of Medicine. De La Salle Health and Sciences Institute aimed to support 1 of 5 students and determined to pursue its goal of having 20% student scholars in the Medical field. As of now, De La Salle Health and Sciences Institute has the biggest scholarship program for medicine in the country.

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As for the healing ministry of De La Salle Health and Sciences Institute they have the 250-bed capacity tertiary hospital, De La Salle University Medical Center which is the largest hospital in the IV-A region. Annually, it serves an average of 60,000 indigent patients through its free out-patient program. De La Salle University Medical Center provides health care services and special medical programs not only to Cavite residents but also to patients in nearby provinces.

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As De La Salle Health and Sciences Institute aims to nurture discoveries, they have the Angelo King Medical Research Center where research training, conferences, publication, and research-based product development happens. It produces groundbreaking research in various medical fields, and also seeks to find solutions to national health concerns, such as research on treatments for tuberculosis, dengue, and cancer, as well as on the efficient use of evidence-based complementary and integrative medicine in health care.

Just recently,  De La Salle Health and Sciences Institute’s Angelo King Medical Research Center was awarded with a grant from the Department of Science and Technology(DOST) for its anti-Dengue project. The anti-Dengue project aims to explore how local indigenous medicinal plants can be used as an alternative cure for dengue.

De La Salle Health and Sciences Institute’s Angelo King Medical Research Center is also proud to have been selected to conduct a first of its kind pediatric trial of a novel compuond against multidrug-resistant Tuberculosis.

In addition to De La Salle Health and Sciences Institute’s Angelo King Medical Research Center latest discoveries, the research institute developed a VCO cream(Virgin Coconut Oil cream) which through clinical trials was found to be effective for Impetigo and Diaper Dermatitis. The VCO cream is only one of the traditional remedies that DLSHSI-AKMRC has contributed to medical care through its researches that center on the indigenous natural resouces as possible health remedies.

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