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Enjoying Big…Better…Burgers!

Posted on 3 m read

Another OpenRice event happened at BIG,BETTER, BURGERS! SM North Annex.


The place is kinda less strategic for BBB even if they are located in the mall, because I think lots of people are going there to find techie gadgets or tech purposes.

 BBB placed tables and chairs outside to accommodate more customers.

The mirror on the wall makes the place look bigger, The place is simple, clean and you will feel very comfortable eating their yummy burgers.

BBB has variety of food selections from sandwiches, pasta, fries rice meals up to their famous burgers.


We were given a chance to taste some of BBB’s products namely…

Wedges(Php60)- Taste is the same like french fries but the size and how they cut it into wedges makes it different. You can choose Dips for their fries( Quezoloco, Salsa and Dill Onion Mayo)…for just Php20. The Catsup is free of course.

Fries (with skin on)(Php55) – According to studies, Leaving the potato skin intact can  help preserve the nutrients in the flesh of the potato, which have a tendency to escape during cooking.

BBB burgers were served freshly cooked, packed with their own sticker seal.

Here are some of the burgers that we’ve tasted during our visit to BBB SM North Annex

Bacon Barbecue Burger(PhP158)

Double Dare with Cheese(Php 186)

3 Cheese Explosion(Php 173)

Mushroom Loco (Php 152)

I love BBB’s burgers!, meaty and juicy and tasty.   The patties are thick and as you can see it is really pure beef with NO EXTENDERS. The patties were grilled and not fried and you can easily determine that with its taste. They are also good in experimenting with the sauces that they will combine with their burgers. As my personal favorite, the DOUBLE DARE with cheese. Yummy! (see picture above). Perfectly cooked patty(grilled), soft bread, fresh ingredients(lettuce and tomato), PERFECT!

BBB do not only offer Burgers, they also have Pasta that you can choose from. I find their pastas cute… instead of mixing the meat in their pasta BBB just placed two mini patties(they call it meatballs in their menu) on top of their pasta.

BBB Meatballs in Wild Mushroom(PhP115)

BBB Meatballs in Pesto Sauce(PhP99)

BBB Meatballs in Fresh Tomato(PhP115)

BBB also serve Rice Meals for those who want rice for their meal. My personal faves here are Southern Comfort BBQ Rice (Php 135) and Chicken BBQ Rice (Php 125). The sauce taste great, really great. The combination of sweetness, saltiness with the A1 sauce in the barbecue sauce blends well in your palate. They say it is A1 sauce but I think they have other ingredients mixed in this tasty sauce. Good Job BBB! Perfect sauce in a rice meal.

Chicken Mushroom Rice(Php125)

Quarter Pound Sunshine Rice in A1 Sauce (Php 105)

Grilled Chicken in Rum N’ Herb Butter Sauce (Php 110)

Southern Comfort BBQ Rice (Php 135)

Chicken BBQ Rice (Php 125)

BBB definitely serve BIG BETTER BURGERS as its name implies, and they also have pasta, fries and rice meals for your other hunger needs that is not heavy for you pockets, It is quite cheaper compared to other resto that offers same meals and not sacrificing its quality. I would recommend this as a dating food for lovers out there and also for families who want quality food for a very reasonable price.

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