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Join The MediCard-MetaFit Fitness Boot Camp Season 4

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Make your way to a healthier you by joining the MediCard-Metafit Fitness Bootcamp Season 4 starting this coming September 30, 2014 every Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30pm onwards at the Centris Walk, Eton Centris in Quezon City.


MediCard-Metafit Fitness Bootcamp Season 4 is a 12-session program spearheaded by one of the leading HMO provider in the Philippines, MediCard Philippines Inc. in partnership with Eton Centris now on its fourth year in encouraging the public to live a healthier lifestyle.


“It is our privilege and pleasure to the partnership with MediCard in this Fitness Bootcamp. It is a great opportunity for fitness enthusiast to have this type of activity. Rest assured that Eton Centris will always be in support of all Medicard’s future endeavors” says Maria Victoria L. Santiago, AVP for Centris Operations.

MediCard-Metafit Fitness Bootcamp, which started in February 2012 at the Medicard Lifestyle Center in Makati, gives participants a chance to challenge and motivate themselves for comprehensive training and high-intensity workouts with proper guidance and supervision of expert fitness instructors including ABS-CBN’s Biggest Loser coach and Meta FitΒ  developer Jim Saret, together with other coaches.


“The boot camp is a perfect venue for health and wellness advocates as we help provide them more comprehensive health and fitness package. Metafit provides physixal training part while MediCard provides the health service”


I had a glimpse of a part of what are in store for the participants in the MediCard-Metafit Fitness Bootcamp Season 4. I love to challenge myself especially when it comes to doing workouts so I gave it a shot. πŸ™‚



What we did was “4-minute Metabolic Workout Program” developed by Coach Jim Saret. For someone like me who do not have a regular workout routine, it is kinda hard. But I did it. I love the feeling afterwards. That is why I will be joining MediCard-Metafit Fitness Bootcamp Season 4.

MediCard-Metafit Fitness Bootcamp Season 4 online registration is now open to MediCard and non-MediCard members until September 30,2014.


To register please visit MediCard Philippines Facebook page:

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