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Midea One-Touch Washing Machine Lab-A-Fair Event

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Doing laundry is one of the hardest and tiring household chores there is(well for me hahaha). Being a busy person, it only leaves me  ample time to do my laundry. I hate handwashing, so a very reliable washing machine is definitely a necessity for me and that would save a lot of my time.

Midea, one of the world’s most trusted appliance brands that brings quality and innovative home appliances to consumers in the Philippines introduced their newest addition to the Midea roster of appliances… The Midea One-Touch Washing Machine

 Midea gbt9

The Midea One-Touch Washing Machine boasts of one-touch button features,meaning, you put your laundry in it and  Midea One-Touch Washing Machine will do the rest from washing, rinsing and drying.   

Midea One-Touch Washing Machine provides 16-percent better cleaning of clothes with its 3D Waterfall feature that creates strong water current inside to enable water and detergent to penetrate the fabric more efficiently. It also has Water Magic Cube feature that prevents or  lessen the tangling of clothes which is typically a problem with other washing machines. This will preserve the quality of the fabric as well.

MIDEA gbt 6

 Midea One-Touch Washing Machine has  Smart Sensors to ensure that the right amount of water is loaded in every wash.

MIDEA gbt 7

Midea wants the market to experience the helpful capabilities and show how convenient it is to use Midea One-Touch Washing Machine. That is why for one whole day, Midea graced an event at Barangay Holy Spirit  called “Midea Lab-A-Fair” 

Midea gbt

Special activity booths were also set up to highlight the washing machine’s features and to deliver more fun and excitement. The booths featured entertaining games such as “PISO Roleta Game,” “Magic Cube Game,” “Water Control Game,” and a photobooth was also set up where residents had their photos taken and got a free souvenir from Midea.

There’s also a free laundry activity that allowed 100 registrants to do the free One Touch trial, with a maximum of 8 kilos of laundry per person. To participate, barangay residents first went to the weighing stations to determine the weight of their laundry, after which, the laundry was then placed in a special bag complete with a number tag that served as the resident’s queue number for the One-Touch Laba Station.

MIDEA gbt 8

A total of 10 Midea One-Touch washing machines were installed for the Midea Lab-A-Fair, with 8 positioned at the “One Touch Laba Station” at the court, and 2 units at the Demo Truck parked nearby. Each washing machine unit has a power meter installed to showcase its P1 per wash load capability. WOW! Imagine how huge your savings would be in your electricity.

MIDEA gbt 4

I have personally witnessed Midea One-Touch washing machine’s capabilities and I am deeply impressed with its features. Now, I finally found a washing machine that really would serve my needs when it comes to washing my clothes. A washing machine that does it all with ONE TOUCH and that’s  Midea One-Touch Washing Machine.

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