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Put The Power In Your Hands With Airborne Technologies Powerbanks

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In this generation, life is very fast paced. People are always on the go and very active doing different kinds of activities may it be indoors or outdoors. With this, gadgets like mobile phones, digital cameras are very necessary to capture every important moment.

As a blogger, I always use my smartphone  to keep me connected online and using data connection sips my battery down. With this kind of situation, I badly needed a reliable powerbank to back up my power source needs when it comes to my gadgets.

low bat gbt

Have you ever experienced running out of battery while on a very important call, text, or working on a very important task on your laptop and there’s nowhere else to charge on? Well, now that’s not a problem anymore.

airborne technology gbt21

Airborne Technologies,  a Filipino brand manufacturer of high quality powerbanks is there to rescue!

Established January 2014, Airborne Technologies was created to support the demands and give comfort to its consumer’s lifestyle as it aims to extend the battery life of our precious gadgets such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Here are Airborne Technologies‘ different powerbank selections that you can choose from depending on your needs.

Airborne Technology gbt 4

AT-5001 SLIM (PHP1,680)

CAPACITY: 5,300 mAh

BATTERY: Lithium Polymer

PACKAGE INCLUSIONS: 1 USB Cable and 1 AT=5001 User Manual

For students who are fond of texting and are always online this Airborne Technologies AT-5001 Slim powerbank will definitely  a great choice.

Airborne Technology gbt 1

AT-525 CUBE (PHP2,490)

CAPACITY: 8,400mAh

BATTERY: Samsung Cell

PACKAGE INCLUSIONS: 1 USB Cable and 1 AT-535 User Manual

Perfect for photographers , hikers and cameras because of its durability. It has a digital capacity indicator and a LED logo display. I also call this powerbank “vanity powerbank” since you can use it also as a mirror 🙂

Airborne Technology gbt 7

 AT-112A STONE (PHP2,650)

CAPACITY: 11,200mAh

BATTERY: Samsung Cell

PACKAGE INCLUSIONS: 1 USB Cable and AT-112A User Manual

This easy grip stone-like model is perfect for travellers , hikers campers and sports enthusiast.

Airborne Technology gbt 2

 AT-140A BOOSTER (PHP2,999)

CAPACITY: 14,000 mAh

BATTERY: Samsung Cell

PACKAGE INCLUSIONS: 1 USB Cable and 1 AT=140A User Manual

 This powerank is perfect for all types of travelers, workers, and young professional. Very handy and not bulky.


AT-100A REVIVE (PHP2,999)

CAPACITY: 10,000mAh

BATTERY: Samsung Cell

PACKAGE INCLUSIONS: 1 USB Cable and 1 AT=100 Revive User Manual

Perfect for students, young professionals and businessman. What I like about this powerbank is that it is slim you van easily slide it in to your pocket, purse or bag.

Airborne Technology gbt 3

 AT-168 HYPE (PHP3,590)

CAPACITY: 16,800mAh

BATTERY: Samsung Cell

PACKAGE INCLUSIONS: 1 USB Cable and 1 AT-168 Hype User Manual

Airborne Technology gbt 8

 AT-800 TOUGH ROCK (PHP3,999)

CAPACITY: 10,000mAh

BATTERY: Samsung Cell

PACKAGE INCLUSIONS:  1 USB Cable and 1 AT-800 Tough Rock User Manual

Tough as it is, this powerbank is waterproof, sandproof, and shockproof which is pefect for for outdoor activities such as hiking, scuba diving, wakeboarding, mountain climbing and other fun activities. It also has SOS capability and torchlight.


AT-1203 EXECUTIVE (PHP3,700)

CAPACITY: 12,000 mAh

BATTERY: Samsung Cell

PACKAGE INCLUSIONS:  1 USB Cable and 1 AT-1203 Executive User Manual

Superb powerbank that will serve  professionals and business travellers working outdoors.

Airborne Technology gbt 6

AT-2401 ARSENAL (PHP9,490)

CAPACITY: 24,000 mAh

BATTERY: Lithium Polymer Battery

PACKAGE INCLUSIONS:  1 USB Cable and 1 AT-2401 Arsena User Manual

Power : Input (15v) Output (5v, 12v, 16v, 19v)

This Laptop powerbank  has smooth metallic finish making its look an elegant one. It also has safety cut-off feature same as other Airborne Technologies powerbanks.


With Airborne Technologies’ wide variety of quality powerbanks, it will surely put power in your hands. Now you can charge your gadgets anytime-anywhere!


For more information you may visit and follow Airborne Technologies:




Twitter: @AirborneTech

Instagram: @AirborneTechnologies

Or you may call Airborne Technologies:+63 917 849 9403(24/7 Customer Care)

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