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Rico Blanco As The Newest Endorser of Valda Pastilles

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 One of the most used part of our body is our throat. Everyday, we talk, we sometimes sing and shout and when we go out we are exposed to different pollutants that can irritate our throat. When the throat gets irritated, it becomes itchy and sometimes it hurts. I have experienced this myself and it is not a good feeling. So I sorted to different home remedies and then I tried Valda Pastilles. It soothes and the menthol flavor cools your throat making it less itchy. It can also freshen up your breath too.

valda pastilles gbt 1

Valda Pastilles, is  a green conical-shaped chewy pastilles, has been known for soothing and cooling throats for more than a century now.  Valda Pastilles is available in two variants, Menthol and Lemon.

valda pastilles gbt

Just recently,  Valda Pastilles introduced its newest endorser, Rico Blanco together with the newest Valda Pastilles‘ TV Commercial. Rico Blanco  also wrote and composed the jingle entitled “Time For You”

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