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Have A Steady And Sturdy Table With Living Space Home Furnishings’ FLAT® Technologies’

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Have you experienced spilling your drinks or your food due to uneven and wobbly table? Well, I did. It was a bad and embarassing day for me spilling a glass of soda because the restaurant’s table was not steady. It wobbles all the time that I have to step on one foot of the table to make it steady or less wobbly.

Good thing that Living Space Home Furnishings offers  a very unique product that will give solution to these wobbly and unsteady tables.


Introducing, FLAT®  Technologies’ , originated from Australia and distributed first and only by Living Space Home Furnishings since 2012. The technology has also been recognized and awarded with “Engineering Excellence Award” by the Engineers in Australia (Sydney division).

Flat Technology GBT4

Flat Technology GBT1

Flat Technology GBT2

All objects manufactured with FLAT® hydraulic technology will find their level on any uneven surface – instantly. The hydraulic PAD (Patented Actuator Device) technology located within the table base instantly reacts to movement or change in environment.

Living Space Home Furnishings already released different Table base range designs suitable for every client’s needs. What’s good about this is that you can customize what table top material that you want to use depending on your own taste, preference and  design. This  FLAT®  Technologies is also using environment friendly materials for each unit.

Flat Technology GBT4

One example is Mixin’ Bowl in SM North EDSA. All of their tables are equipped with FLAT®  Technologies that will surely give their customers a  non-spilling, wobble-free table dining experience.

Flat Technology GBT5

Flat Technology GBT1

Flat Technology GBT2

 FLAT® Technologies also saves time and money wasted each day stabilizing and aligning tables, and eventually increase sales by making full use of available space and accommodating more customers.

Flat Technology GBT3

Flat Technology GBT3

Mixin’ Bowl  SM North EDSA is using the Flat table base design.

Flat Technology GBT2

 How  FLAT®  Technologies 


Flat Technology GBT3

What’s the Difference of a table without and with  FLAT®  Technologies?

Amazing technology right?…  FLAT®  Technology will surely give you the comfort and non-hassle and spill free dining experience.

To date, Mixin’ Bowl in SM North EDSA, newly opened Kitchitora in Glorietta 5, Tokyo Bubble Tea in Katipunan, Chef Robert in Banawe, Mann Hann in Robinsons Magnolia, Kos Greek Ouezeri, Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen, and Bizu in Robinsons Magnolia, among others, have incorporated FLAT® tables in their restaurants to make sure the customer’s dining experience is at its best.


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