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Who will be the Next American Idol Season 11 Winner?

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The final two, Jessica Sanchez and Philip Philips will show all they got and sing their best for the last time before the season finale of American Idol Season 11.

Both Jessica and Philip have what it takes to be the next American Idol but the question is…. WHO?

Find out who will be the next American Idol Season 11 tomorrow…

For your convenience, I compiled Jessica and Philip’s performances from the Part 1 Finals of American Idol Season 11. They each performed three songs: one picked by Executive Producer Simon Fuller, one of their own choice, and the first single they’d release if they win the title.

Jessica Sanchez’ Performances:  Jessica sang “I Have Nothing” , “The Prayer”, and “Change Nothing”


Philip Philip”s Performances: Philip sang “Stand by me”, “Movin’ Out”, and “Home”

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