Kojie.san Shatters Beauty Standards With Their Newest Campaign


Every woman has the right to feel beautiful and to define beauty for herself. We can dream of having long and wavy hair, thick and luscious lashes, a sexy body, a fairer complexion- all based on the standards of beauty dictated by our society. Unfortunately, due to social media and social pressure, most of us end up being judged.

Kojie.san Shatters Beauty Standards With Their Newest Campaign


And to break the world’s standard of beauty, Kojie.san, country’s top-selling and award-winning beauty soap, launches a new campaign “Command Beauty” which encourages women to stop allowing others to set the standards of beauty for them, and to look the way the want, to feel the way they want, to have confidence in themselves regardless of social pressure.

Kojie.san Shatters Beauty Standards With Their Newest Campaign

Kojie.san’s “Command Beauty” campaign aims to empower women to be braver and bolder. It doesn’t just believe in lightening one’s skin for beauty’s sake, but doing it because a woman wants to; because maybe it makes her happier, and definitely it boosts her confidence.

“Beauty isn’t just stripping down to the natural, it’s also going a little extra. It isn’t just being subtle, it’s also going all out and loud. Loving all kinds of beauty means loving all kinds of beauty no matter how bold it gets. Kojie.san has always been a game-changer in the beauty business. We urge women to take control of their beauty decisions with “Command Beauty”. Let no one shame them for these decisions. We want them to tell their stories to inspire others to be loud and proud.” said Jann Kelcey Chua, Kojie.san Senior Brand Manager. 

Kojie.san is encouraging women to break free of the mold—own their bodies, their faces, and their skin. That means whatever they choose to do with their beauty is their decision and no one else’s.



Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator www.GirlandBoyThing.com