Watch Memo Plus Gold’s LAMANG ANG BRAINY GOOD At Shopee Live This May 17!

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Cannot find your keys? Forgot where you’ve kept your precious ring? You bumped into your old time friend but you are having a hard time recalling his or her name? These things happen. Forgetfulness. Everyone experiences that from time to time especially when we are caught up in life’s daily hassles and is experiencing stress. It is completely normal but sometimes, can be frustrating.

Watch Memo Plus Gold's LAMANG ANG BRAINY GOOD At Shopee Live This May 17!

But you know what? There are things that you can do to address it. If you wanna get some tips on how to keep a healthy memory, tune in to Shopee Philippines’ live streaming event this May 17 at 7PM as Memo Plus Gold, the trusted brain vitamins that helps boost the memory, will be having its own segment entitled, “LAMANG ANG BRAINY GOOD”. Join Edroy Lim together with Dr. Lemuel Tocjayao, an Integrative Medicine expert, and ask them questions directly to learn more on how you can improve your memory and know when it is time to seek help for memory loss.

SAVE THE DATE! Watch with the whole family and get great deals and surprises as Shopee Philippines gives away coins, vouchers, and who knows…maybe FREE products. This will be a nice bonding and learning experience for the whole family,  so do not forget. 😉


About Memory Plus Gold

Memo Plus Gold is an all-natural herbal supplement developed from an ancient Ayurvedic formula. It contains the extract of Brahmi or Bacopa monniera, a plant commonly found along marshes and pond edges that has been used for hundreds of years to increase information retention, improve learning and provide a feeling of well-being. Brahmi (scientific name: Bacopa monniera) belongs to the Scrophulariaceac family. Manufactured under a process that meets the stringent World Health Organization’s guidelines, Memo Plus Gold has been approved as a safe traditional remedy. With its unique benefits, Memo Plus Gold is ideal for students of all ages, professionals, homemakers and the elderly.(Source: MIMS)


Written by Cristelle Torres
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