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Holiday Feast at Manang’s Chicken SM City San Mateo

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It’s the time of the year again where countless holiday feasts are happening. And with Christmas and New Year fast approaching, you might be planning already on what to prepare on these special holidays. But of course not all of us has the leisure of time to cook and prepare. That’s where buying cooked meals in restaurants come in.

Just recently, I have discovered a food hub just near our place… Manang’s Chicken in SM San Mateo which is just about 4-5 min walk from our house. And since I’ve been thinking of what to serve to my family this coming special holidays, Manang’s Chicken is definitely on my list.

So, I was able to try some meals in Manang’s Chicken SM City San Mateo branch which is located on the 3rd floor of the mall. You’ll never miss this one because it’s just near the escalator.

What did I eat? Read more to know more. πŸ™‚

This Manang’s Chips are actually hugely-cut crispy potato chips. You can enjoy eating it as is or you can choose from their dips such as Creamy Cheese and Garlic Mayo to add more taste and flavor to it.

Manang’s Chicken offers 3 different Gourmet Pasta Plate variants such as follows… Salted Egg, Spicy Tinapa, and Creamy Malunggay Pesto. The Salted Egg Pasta’s taste is really interesting plus I like the chicken skin toppings that comes with it. However, my least 2 favorites are the Creamy Malunggay Pesto(I was expecting a creamy pesto-like flavor but it kinda lacks) and the Spicy Tinapa(too peppery for me that it overshadowed the tinapa flavor). But for it’s price range which is Php84(with drinks), these Gourmet Pasta Plates are satisfying to fill in your tummy. You can also add Php15 for Chicken poppers topping.

If you are in for rice toppings then you might want to consider Manang’s Chicken Premium Bowls. For Php118 each, you and your family can enjoy these rice meals such as Honey BBQ Chicken, Crunchy Fish, and Mushroom Carbonara Chicken.

And more chicken dishes from Manang’s!… How about this Crunchtastic Fried Chicken? I love it whenever I eat crunchy chicken. You know what? I actually eat the skin part last hahaha(Save the best for last of course). I know you would agree with me on that.Β  So this Manang’s well-seasoned Crunchtastic Fried Chicken just hit the spot on the crunchiness. Something that you may consider when you are craving for crispy chicken.

And my super favorite! Manang’s Glazed Chicken. I love the Sweet and spicy taste which blended well together. If you are not in for the spicy taste, there’s also a regular glazed and a lesser spicy variant. Since I love spicy food, I did go for the extra spicy.Β  Compared to the other diners which offer glazed chicken and are quite expensive, Manang’s Glazed Chicken can surely compete with the same taste but lower the price.

Want some extra rice? Manang’s Chicken will not only give you one or two extra rice. You can have as much as you want with their “ALL YOU CAN RICE”. This only applies when you order their Clssic Busog Meal and ALL-Out Busog Meal.

Manang’s Chicken got something for those who love sweets. For only Php49 each, you will get to enjoy these amazing Manang’s Cupcake Sundaes inΒ  Red Velvet and Triple Chocolate Flavors. And just in time for the holidays, Manang’s just added two variants such as Puto Bumbong Cupcake Sundae and Yema de Leche Cupcake Sundae to give their cutomers a Filipino Christmas taste in a cup.

Who likes freebies? Get a FREE Sundae cone when you order any of Manang’s Chicken SET MEALS. Wow!

Tired of cooking? Thinking of what food to prepare for your office parties, packed lunch, or holiday occasions? Manang’s Chicken got you covered with their Party Feast meals. You can choose from their variety of packages and combinations from pasta and chicken, chicken and rice and many more.

So if you are still to decide on what to prepare and serve this holiday season, you might want to consider Manang’s Chicken and enjoy their affordable chicken goodness with your family, friends and loved ones. Just call 661-1111 for delivery.

For inquiries and other concerns you may visit Manang’s Chicken website
or their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – @manangschicken

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