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What’s HOT? Ippudo Philippines Spicy Black Ramen

Posted on 2 m read

After trying out Ippudo Philippines’ Ramen Sidekicks a few months ago, I am back again to try their newest dishes and refreshments that will surely make my Ippudo dining experiene worthwhile. So, let’s start! Let the drooling begin! ย ๐Ÿ™‚

ippudo philippines


A combination of stewed beef with yakiniku sauce, melted butter, corn, cherry tomatoes, crispy garlic chips, french beans on a bed of Japanese Rice. ย Served in a hot stone pot.

I have to say that this dish really taste good. It is best if you mix all the ingredients altogether for a more flavorful result. The stewed beef is perfectly cooked and well marinated, you won’t even have a hard time cutting it and chewing it.ย Yes, you might notice that this dish may be a bit pricey considering the size serving, but this Beef Ishiyaki Rice is worth trying.

limited edition spicy black ramen


If you love spicy food, then you will definitely love Ippudo Philippines Spicy Black Ramen.ย Inspired by Singapore’s complex cuisine mixed andย ย influenced with Indian, Malaysian and Chinese taste, ย theย LIMITED EDITION SPICY BLACK RAMENย ย will definitely wake and excite your taste buds.

SPICYย Black Ramen is made with Ippudo’s signature dtonkatsu broth enhanced with SPICYย sesame sauce,SPICY Koyu oil, and fragrant garlic oil. Served with flat noodles, pok belly, topped with curry-flavored SPICYย nikumiso and cilantro for a fresh asian flavor.

Have you noticed how may times the word “SPICY” has been mentioned? That’s how spicy the Spicy Black Ramen is. So this dish if for the brave who wants to experience a HOT! HOT! HOT! ramen. I hope that Ippudo Philippines will come up with choices for theย spicyness level so that even those who want to try but cannot tolerate a too spicy ramen, they can still choose and enjoy this bowl of goodness. Well for me I totally enjoyed it since I am a fan of spicy food. Thumbs up fo me. Since it’s a limited edition dish, you’ve got to enjoy it while it lasts.

Aside from Spicy Black Ramen and Beef Ishiyaki Rice, ย Ippudo Philippines also launched two of its newest refreshments which I tried as well. Just perfect to cleanse and neutralize the spicy taste in my mouth. Both has distinct and bursting flavors. You’ve got to try both. You’ll definitely love it!

ippudo philippines


Made of freshly squeezed lemon, sparkling water topped with mint leaves.

ippudo Philippines


Fresh Bananas and mangoes with coconut cream and cinnamon.

Overall, my dining experience was a good one. Good food, refreshing drinks, Superb!

Till my next foodtrip!


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