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Want To Know What Is Your Tablet Personality? Then Read This!

Posted on 10 m read

Thinking of buying a tablet? Then you must take into consideration what tablet would fit your lifestyle. You should know why you need a tablet for and for what purpose it will serve you. Performance really does matter and you should be very keen with the details because every tablet has its own specifications and  features and these specifications may or may not help you.

So what you will read below will  help you make the right  decision when purchasing a tablet in a store.

Portability – Make sure you pick a tablet size that’s practical and suited to how you will use it. Consider how you will carry it – in a pocket, handbag, or briefcase.

Processor – This is the ‘brain’ of your tablet. While tablets don’t differ much on the surface, it is what’s inside that will determine the overall performance of the device. When it comes to the number of “cores” in a processor, fewer cores can be more efficient or powerful than more. Few applications these days use more than two cores1, so like with a calculator, having multiple calculators doesn’t help solve simple sums. Keep in mind, not all cores are created equal.

Battery life – Typical battery life for tablets range from eight to ten hours, depending on how you use them. Lower-power processors will give you a longer battery life, so keep an eye out for Intel® Atom™ processor-based tablets in stores.

Storage – This is where you save your work, research, photos, music and movies. Tablets are generally more restricted in storage space when compared to laptops. Check out what’s built-in (e.g. Intel® Atom™ Z2760 processor based tablets come with Embedded Multimedia Card 4.41 (eMMC 4.41)), and  if you need more, it is advisable to look for models that offer expandable storage such as micro-SD, micro-USB ports, or look at convertible laptop options.

Features – Tablets have become tremendously versatile with a variety of features available to suit your needs. Tablets with attachable keyboards (“convertibles”) can instantaneously allow you to create content with your device. High quality cameras and advanced graphics allow you to capture photos and videos on the go and quality visual and audio capabilities can turn your tablet into an immersive entertainment device. Built-in security is also important to ensure you have a secured tablet experience. These features vary within each tablet and should be considered based on your usage requirements. As a backup to WiFi connection, you might consider to need to get a tablet that has built-in 3G or LTE connectivity.


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So, want to know what’s your tablet personality? Then read on…


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The Mobile Professional

You can never predict where a busy nine-to-five day may take you. Whether it is going on-site with clients, whizzing in and out of meeting rooms, hot-desking or working from home, tablets are quickly emerging as the device of choice for busy professionals who are always on-the-go.

Tablet devices built for business, such as the Toshiba Encore 2*, Lenovo Thinkpad 10* or [insert other locally available business built tablets here], gives you a mobile solution to be productive on the go.

  • Processor: Choose the right balance of power and performance. Don’t just look for a lot of cores in the processor. Think of it like comparing an airplane with eight propellers to one with two jet engines. Would you fancy a long-haul flight on a plane with propellers? Intel processors are optimised to give great performance at the lowest power. The Intel® Atom™ Processor offers a tablet computing experience that doesn’t compromise its performance over battery life. When professionals buy a device such as the Toshiba Encore 2*, Lenovo ThinkPad 10*, they are able to get the best of Windows* 8 features with a computing experience that just works.
  • Also consider:
    • Portability: Weight and screen size are key considerations know how you will travel with a tablet and use this to pick a device that is robust while still being light weight and easy to travel with.
    • Battery Life: Reliable battery life is key for workers on the go. Look for Intel Atom Processor based tablets as they offer up to 10 hours$ of battery life.
    • Storage: Look for full-size USB port that enable effortless back up and file sharing.
    • Feature: Not all airport has free WiFi access, so get a tablet with built-in 3G or LTE connectivity to avoid missing some important emails from your clients.

 graphic designer

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The Digital Creative

The inspiration for creativity can come from the little things in life. Whether you’re an artist, designer, filmmaker or photographer, it’s important to be able to capture these moments no matter where you are. Nothing excites you more than being able to take your work outdoors, so being mobile is also extremely important.

A tablet is the dream device that offers an interactive touch screen to allow you to create anywhere. Tablets running on the Intel Atom Processors, such as: ASUS MeMO Pad 7 (ME176C) and MeMO Pad 8 (ME181C)*, Dell Venue 7 Tablet*, are designed to run some multi-media applications while allowing you to produce amazing visuals almost anywhere, anytime.

  • Processor: A powerful processor such as the Intel Atom Processor can help bring your most creative ambitions to life. Tablets running on this Atom processor, transforms your computing experience to help boost productivity. Just like jet engines, Intel’s cores have become significantly more powerful over time and take less ‘gas’ (i.e. battery life2) than some competitors’. We also use a technique we call Intel® Hyper Threading Technology, so you will experience fast response, allowing you to load and switch among your favourite applications in a flash.
  • Also consider:
    • Portability: You’re going to need a tablet with a decent screen size that offers a stunning visual experience so that you don’t miss the details in your work.
    • Battery Life: Battery life cannot be overlooked, tablets built on Intel Atom Processor can run up to 10 hours3 with up to three weeks of standby so you can confidently take your tablet on your outdoor projects.
    • Storage: With the amount of content you consume and produce, you’re going to need a tablet that has built-in memory (64GB and up) and a full-size USB port that enable effortless back up and file sharing.
    • Feature: You need your masterpiece to be visually compelling. Look for tablets that has advanced graphics such as Intel® HD Graphics Technology in Intel Atom Processor Z3700 series that give you a smooth and immersive visual environment.


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The Constant Reader

For those of you who may be fed up with carrying around weighty paper books, but will never grow out of your love for reading, tablet devices are the perfect tool to not only keep your library on hand no matter where you are; but also allow you to share your favorite reads, research new titles and even check out what’s on your family and friends’ booklist.

Tablets such as Acer Iconia One 7 Tablet* or Toshiba Excite Go* provide light weight, one handed operation perfectly suited to the veracious reader!

  • Processor: You’re looking for a dynamic yet long-lasting reading experience with your tablet. It’s not about how many cores in the processor, but the right balance of processing power. Having more than enough cores is a bit like having too many musicians in a band, which makes it challenging to ensure they play in time and all utilized to the right degree. While using your tablet as an ‘E-reader’ will be less demanding on the processor’s performance, high performance processing may be required for watching video interviews with your favourite authors. You will get more versatility from tablets based on the Intel Atom Processor, which has the optimized number of cores to enhance your media viewing experience without compromising battery life.
  • Also consider:
    • Portability: The lighter and smaller the tablet, the easier it is for you to take it with you on the go. Look for tablets with a screen size around 7” fit easily into small bags and even some pockets.
    • Battery Life: Reading doesn’t take much out of the battery life. Intel Atom processor based tablets offer exceptional battery life with up to 10 hours3 of local HD video playback, which means a whole lot more if you’re mainly using it for reading.
    • Storage: Look for tablets with built-in memory of 32GB and up, this will let you hold up to thousands of e-books.


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The Connected Student

As a student, you’ll appreciate having a tablet on hand and be thankful that you were able to record your lectures, save your notes and develop your reports all on the one device.

Tablets such as the: Dell Venue 8 Tablet*, ASUS Fonepad 7 (FE375CG) and ASUS Transformer Pad (TF103C) & Transformer Pad LTE (TF303CL)* are a great, easily accessible hub for your reading, your notes, your to-do list and an excellent tool to keep you on track with your homework schedule using all the applications and programs you’re used to.


  • Processor: Research is a big part of your student life. You may have no patience for lagging applications so you’re going to need a device that can handle processing large amount of information at any time. Utilizing the multitasking capability of Intel 64-bit architecture, Dell Venue 8 Tablet*, ASUS Fonepad 7 (FE375CG) and ASUS Transformer Pad (TF103C) & Transformer Pad LTE (TF303CL)*, or [insert other locally available education relevant tablets here] built on the Intel Atom Processor raises the bar for always-on, super responsive experience. Think about it as if you’re queuing at the supermarket with 64 checkouts instead of 32, you’re able to more quickly load and switch between research sites and your assignment with ease.
  • Also consider:
    • Portability: You’re going to be taking your tablet to school every day so a stylish and ultraportable tablet will make you the envy of your friends. Look for tablets running on Intel Atom Processors– there are models that weigh in at less than 658g and as thin as 8.5mm, making it easy to slip it into your backpack.
    • Battery Life: Atom based tablets offer up to 10 hours battery life2 so you’ll make it to all your classes with ease.
    • Storage: Assignments and learning documents usually won’t take up too much storage so look for built in storage of16GB or 32GB. It’s also worth looking for a tablet with a USB port for file back up and sharing.


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The Frequent Traveler

Technology is fuelling a new era of travelling – no matter where you are in the world, devices such as tablets can keep you connected. You’re not only able to check in to flights online, you’re creating your itinerary on-the-go, sharing your experiences with family and friends via social networks and capturing photos and thoughts about your adventures, all on the one device.

Tablets such as Fonepad 8 (FE380CG)* or ASUS MeMO Pad 7 (ME170C)*are perfect for those with itchy feet for travelling but don’t want to be burdened with the tedious tasks of packing, or planning for every second of your trip.

  • Processor: When you’re away from home, you are going to appreciate a device that is reliable. Tablets built on the Intel Atom Processors are designed to allow you to enjoy intuitive and responsive computing that helps you get things done without cutting into your travel experience. Say you want to edit pictures on the web and tag your friends, we found that it can actually be faster on some devices using the Intel® Atom™ processors which only have two cores – when compared to a device using other processors with more cores.
  • Also Consider:
    • Portability: As an avid traveller, there’s nothing more important than being able to have one lightweight device, some Intel Atom processor based tablets measuring as thin as 8.5mm and lighter than 700 grams.
    • Battery Life: Having enough power to last an action packed day is important. Intel-based tablets can give you up to 10 hours3 of battery life so it keeps going.
    • Storage: Photos and videos of your trip form the precious memories that you will want to keep forever. Look for tablets with 64GB and up or that come with full size USB ports for simple back up on the go.

 working parent

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The Working Parent

As a working parent, you commonly juggle your time between work and family, making it hard to have time for yourself. Wouldn’t you love to catch all your favourite primetime television shows? But instead you’re busy playing catch up with the bills, or even sneaking in a bit more work before you head off to bed.

You’re going to appreciate having a tablet to help you find balance in your demanding lifestyle but that is still suitable for sharing with the kids! A tablet such as the KD Interactive Kurio Tab* is a perfect choice as it comes with parental controls to monitor, filter, and manage content.

  • Processor: As a working parent, you’re constantly changing gears to manage the things that are going on in your busy life and your choice of tablet should be just as dynamic. The Intel Atom Processor is like an automatic gearbox in your car that changes gear to adapt to the power needed at any given time. Tablets built on these processors offer optimized performance that’s reliable and responsive, helping you get things done fast without a fuss.
  • Also Consider:
    • Portability: Being a busy parent keeps you on your feet most of the time, so you’re going to need to have a device that’s versatile without being cumbersome.
    • Battery Life: You have enough going on in your life so you won’t want to worry about recharging the battery in your tablet. All Intel-powered tablets offer great battery life2with more than three weeks of connected standby and more than ten hours3 of local HD video playback.
    • Storage: As a parent, you’ll definitely have plenty of photos and videos that you want to share with family and friends. Look for tablets with up to 64GB space to help you keep these memories close at all times.

So, what is your tablet personality? I hope that you were able to classify yourself which from the above personalities suits your lifestyle and be able to help you decide what tablet to buy and what  would fit your needs. 🙂  

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