Nurture Spa Village Tagaytay Opens Filipino-Themed Gabriela Garden

Nurture Spa Village Tagaytay Opens Filipino-Themed Gabriela Garden

During the old Filipino times, everything seems to be simple. But our lifestyle keeps on changing and changing from simple living to modern living. As you can see,  everything transformed differently and modernization already took over our lives from the simple pounding of rice to the use of rice mills, From playing sungka, patintero and now the use of gadgets like PSP and iPad. From  the old Nipa huts to stone houses and now the taller and bigger condominiums. With these facts, I felt that the richness of Filipino culture started to diminish and fade away and can soon only be seen in books, museums and internet.

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Photo Credits: Nurture Spa Village

I’m glad there’s a place that brings back and would remind us how rich Filipino culture is. Located at Tagaytay City, about 2-3 hours away from Manila, Nurture Spa Village, a Filipino-themed spa and wellness place which offers wide-range of spa services including detoxification and natural healing.

Just recently, Nurture Spa Village opened their newest dining place, the Gabriela Garden,  to give their customers a brand new Filipino-inspired dining experience.

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Gabriela Garden is now serving different Filipino cuisines like Arozcaldo, Kakanin, Kale Siomai, Hot chocolate made of cocoa, and many more.

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 Aside from the food that I mentioned above, Nurture Spa Village’s Gabriela Garden also serves fresh salad where you can actually pick up the vegetable fresh from their mini organic garden which is also located  inside the Gabriela Garden.

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That’s me picking up the veggie ingredients for my salad. 🙂

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After picking and washing the vegies, it was sent over to the counter for preparation.

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 You can choose among these three salad dressings to pair with your salad. Passion Fruit Vinegarette, Yogurt Mushroom and Oriental dressing. (my personal favorite= oriental dressing!)

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Gabriela Garden also has different displays of  some of the Filipino cultural heritage which will give you a sense of belongingness.
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Nurture Spa Village also offers different Spa, detoxification, holistic weight loss services that will make you feel relaxed, healthy and de-stressed. Here are just a few massage services Nurture Spa Village.

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HILOT KAGALINGAN- Php1,200 per head.

1 Hour of customized Filipino massage using a fusion of Asian therapies to prevent and cure common ailments like colds, sprain, fever and fatigue. Our skilled therapists instinctively follow the source of physical imbalance and lovingly massage your body back to health using herbs and specialized techniques.

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NILAIB- Php1,800 per head.

1 1/2 Hours of Filipino version stone massage that uses steamed hot pouches of traditional Filipino herbs wrapped in banana leaves to leave you rested and rejuvenated.

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LUNAS NI NANAY- Php1,600 per head

1 1/2 Hours of hilot with Ventosa- an ancient way of vacuum and massage to promote balance and remove toxins from the body

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1 Hour of  authentic Filipino tribal foot massage using herbal clay to cleanse and purify the feet, bamboo sticks to stimulate the soles, and a soothing leg and foot massage to cap this stimulating yet soothing treatment

Beyond enjoying different spa treatments and other healthy and relaxing activities, you can also have a relaxing experience with Nurture Spa Village‘s amenities and accommodation packages.

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And my favorite part of Nurture Spa Village (well aside from the Spa treatment areas)… The Glamping Area,

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For just Php.3,190 per person (minimum of Two persons), enjoy the comforts of a bedroom in an outdoor tent under a canopy of trees. Nurture’s camp butlers set up the tent and light up a bonfire, teach your kids Filipino outdoor games like Taguan, Patintero, and assist you in your every need. A swimming pool, trampoline and teambuilding facilities keep everyone busy, while relaxing and pampering spa services await you when you want some downtime. Get to enjoy the following freebies when you avail the Glamping package.

  • 22 hours overnight stay at naturally ventilated Camping tent
  • Bon Fire, BBQ diner with Rice, fresh fruit Platter and Lime Basil Cocktail
  • Arozcaldo Breakfast with Homemade bread & Pate  with Kale Juice
  • 30 minutes outdoor treatment choice of Facial or Foot massage
  • Common toilet and bath, with toilet amenities

Actually, you can do many other things in Nurture Spa Village. The place can help you kickstart your journey to wellness and experience a different kind of healing properties and unspoiled beauty of nature. It will be a total relaxation for your mind, body and soul. A place which brings back the Filipino touch and promotes Filipino culture.

For more inquiries, bookings, reservations and more information about Nurture Spa Village, please contact:

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Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator