Have That #JustUs Moments At Commercenter Alabang

Have That #JustUs Moments At Commercenter Alabang

Going to the mall is fun. But sometimes, it can also be stressful because  malls nowadays are way  too crowded. When I go to the  mall, I  usually want to relax and enjoy either  alone to have coffee, or with someone to have a date, or with friends and family to watch a movie. Honestly, I don’t want a too crowded mall. I want a mall that has great ambiance and will give you a cozy feeling enough for you to forget all the stress.

Good thing that there’s a mall that can provide that #JustUs moments, a perfect place to go to for a more relaxing, less crowded retail and dining experience with Its non-complex layout punctuated with an enjoyable view of lush and serene surroundings. Where? Go to the south and have a stroll to the newly opened Commercenter Alabang

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Commercenter Alabang is located at Commerce Avenue corner East Asia Drive, Alabang, Muntinlupa City which showcases various convenient, exciting retail and dining choices that come with a warm and cozy feeling. A lifestyle center located in the South, Commercenter Alabang offers a refreshing way to spend quality time with your loved ones without going through the frenzied trip to a typical mall.

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The lifestyle center’s establishments have been carefully chosen to ensure varied dining, wellness and development, hobbies and specialty shop choices for #JustDads, #JustMoms, #JustUsKids, #JustUsFriends (barkada) and #JustUsTwo (couples).

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To cater to the Southern community’s entertainment needs, Commercenter Alabang also unveiled  the Commercenter Alabang Cinemas, the newest upscale and state-of-the-art cinema that offers a premium movie experience easily evident from its grand hallway, down to the thematic ambience of the theater that features highly comfortable seats and wide legroom. It’s the newest place for a Dolby Digital 7.1 and 3D movie experience. I have experienced watching here and I love it!. Only few seats which will give you a feeling of exclusivity, big legway that you don’t have to move if someone is going to pass in front of you.

Commercenter Alabang is also the intimate, cozy dining destination of the South with choices ranging from Yellow Cab, Army Navy, Cocohut Fried Chicken and Fish, Mona Lisa Ristorante, Bacchus Epicerie, Buffalo’s Wings ‘N Things, Chubby’sRibshack, Lasa Bistro, Le Coeur de France, KXP Kulinarya Express, Maple Restaurant, Elbert’s Cheesesteak, Kessaku, The Black Pig, Belcuisine Belgian Restaurant, A-Won Korean Restaurant, Taters and soon-to-open Belly Rub and Assi Fresh Plaza Korean Deli/Mart.

For fitness, wellness and development, Commercenter has well-placed establishments like Bikram Yoga Alabang, Asian Center for Dental Specialties, Fringe Salon, Asian Eye Institute, Centro Holistico, CMA Mental Arithmetic, 4C Early Learning Station and the soon-to-open The Aivee Institute, U.S. Professional Golf Academy Tours and La Vie Institute.

Options for specialty, sports and hobbies include Kitchen Gallery, Bridgestone Tire Center, Ducati, Callaway, Epic Cycles and the soon-to-open Luxuri Boutique and Décor Contemporary Furniture.

Enticing right? You too can experience  the intimate leisure and cozy urban lifestyle place created for you to have that #JustUs moments. Visit  Commercenter Alabang. now! 🙂

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator www.GirlandBoyThing.com