About GirlandBoyThing

GirlandBoyThing.com features the coolest products, events and places best suited for men and women – whether you’re single, in a relationship — and even when “it’s complicated”. 🙂

GirlandBoyThing.com is owned and managed by Cristelle Torres. It started out as a relationship site, but shifted its way to lifestyle blog catering to both genders..

This site features Places to go to, Food to Try, Gadgets to Have, Styles to Fit and Events to See. Just send us your invites through our FacebookTwitter and Google+ Accounts.

Cristelle Torres, a nurse-preneur. She practices her profession in a government hospital at the same time sells item online. Her latest venture, blogging, sparked from a plate of lasagna, garlic bread and pizza – that is, sharing about that delightful treat online.

Find the two on the following social networking sites:

Cristelle Torres – Facebook, InstagramTwitter, Google

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