’s Top 5 Picks From Bright Skin PH On Shopee Beauty

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I know you would agree with me on this. Whenever you need to buy something may it be household stuff, clothes, automotive accessories, or even your health and lifestyle needs, just to mention a few, first thing that you would do is search it online. Me, I use the Shopee app to conveniently search and buy things without the need to go out. Especially now that we need to take extra precaution because of the Covid Virus.

I also buy some of my beauty needs- hair care, skin care, and even makeup in Shopee Beauty, where I always enjoy exciting offers, exclusive deals, and discounts up to 90%OFF.

As I browsed through the app, saw some interesting products at Bright Skin PH official store in Shopee Beauty that I’m considering to add on my skin care routine. Here’s my top 5 picks from the brand.'s Top 5 Picks From Bright Skin PH On Shopee Beauty

1.ELE Softening Milky Daily Cleansing Foam

ELE Softening Milky Daily Cleanser is your everyday softening and hydrating foaming cleanser. It gently cleanses skin without washing off its natural oils. It is made with no harmful ingredients, therefore, safe for people with sensitive skin and other skin types. It also deeply hydrates and balances your skin to lessen irritation and inflammation. And lastly, it has brightening properties to keep the skin looking radiant and glowing.'s Top 5 Picks From Bright Skin PH On Shopee Beauty


For your daily exfoliation, Claire’s Triple C Skin Booster Daily Exfoliating Treatment Pads is a must-have. It has Triple C(vitamin C derivatives) which fights off bacteria formation that can cause acne, stimulates collagen synthesis, and protects skin from UV light. It also has Caviar Lime which exfoliates skin, Sodium Hyaluronic Acid which helps moisturize skin and prevent water loss. Completing the formulation, there’s Alpha Arbutin and Lactic Acid which help exfoliate skin cell and prevent melanin synthesis. Giving its users a bright and soft skin.

This product has two-sided peeling pads with two functions. The gauze side, the Micro Fiber Scrub, gently exfoliates dead skin cells and blackheads. The Extra soft Pure Cotton side(embossed side) moisturizes and smoothen the skin texture.'s Top 5 Picks From Bright Skin PH On Shopee Beauty

3. Daily-Repair Hydrating Gel

Want to keep your skin moisturized? The Daily-Repair Hydrating Gel  will help you do that. It has a gel type light weight formulation which is suitable for all skin types even oily and acne prone skin's Top 5 Picks From Bright Skin PH On Shopee Beauty

Wink White Essence + FREE Hyaluronic Face Mask

Formulated using natural ingredients such as Peach, Red Seaweed, and various red fruit breed, Wink White Essence + FREE Hyaluronic Face Mask will help stimulate your skin cells for a smoother and moisturized complexion. It also helps in reducing dark spots and acne.

Once you order this product,  you’ll also get a FREE Wink White Hyaluronic Mask.'s Top 5 Picks From Bright Skin PH On Shopee Beauty

5. Bright Skin Limited Edition HOLO Glam Pouch

You might be wondering why a non-skin product is in the list. Well, I like glittery stuff, so when I saw this cute pouch in the selection, I clicked add to cart. 🥰 This pouch comes in two sizes, Mini: 220X190mm and Big: 280X240mm.

No more boring pouches. Get this eye-catching pouch and carry your make up in style.


Want to add more to the list? You might check out these additional skincare essentials recommended by Bright Skin PH in Shopee Beauty:

Tomato Peach Whitening Serum
Collagen Body Mask: Instant Whitening Mask
Lanos Jelly Mask Up: Intensive Anti Acne Jelly Mask
W Pure Collagen 50,000mg-  
This is currently on BUY 1 TAKE 1 Promo.

If you want to begin a skin care routine that you can do everyday, or perhaps add more on your current skin care, try considering Bright Skin PH‘s wide variety of products in Shopee Beauty. You can even get discounts up to 60% Off on selected items.

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Written by Cristelle Torres
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