REVIEW: Glade Automatic Spray and Glade’s Newest Scent Peony and Berry

Glade Automatic Spray

Being in a room that smells so good can be relaxing plus it adds a clean feeling. These are the reasons why I am fond of buying different scents of essential oils putting them on an oil burner or air diffuser. I also buy air freshener sprays just in case I don’t have the luxury of time to use the above ways which actually takes effort and time to prepare.

Now I’m glad to find a new product that will serve the same purpose and function without the need to get up to prepare and spray everytime because this product got me covered. What is it? will talk about it and each of its features as you read further (so keep on reading 😜).

Just recently, I was invited by Glade Philippines to try and experience their set of products, the Glade Automatic Spray  and their newest scent- Peony and Berry Bliss. The automatic spray is actually nice and I did not expect that it is affordable(will let you know my impressions later). The new Glade Peony and Berry Bliss on the other hand has a sweet citrus berry scent which I really like. The scent is very similar to one of the perfumes that I am using.

By the way, you may drop by at the Glorietta Activity Center from April 6 to 8 and enjoy interesting activities such as:
1. Love Bubble where you get to experience firsthand the new Peony and Berry Bliss fragrance.
2. Love Ballet Performances by the Halili Cruz Ballet School
3. Interactive Love Photo Booth
4. Love Rewards Promo Booth and get instant prizes for onsite purchase.

Speaking of onsite purchase, buy a Glade Peony and Berry Bliss Air Freshener or refill + Glade Automatic Spray  for a very reasonable price(please refer to the photos above) and you’ll get a FREE Golf umbrella for every purchase of each bundle. Just in time for the rainy season. 😂 You can also purchase the starter set alone on selected stores nationwide for only P365 which consist of the following:

  • 1 Automatic Spray unit
  • 1 269ml/175g Refill Canister
  • 2 AA Batteries


REVIEW: Glade Automatic Spray and Glade's Newest Scent Peony and Berry

Glade Automatic Spray has a timer which sprays out the scent on specific time setting. You can set it for 9, 18, and 36-minute interval.

REVIEW: Glade Automatic Spray and Glade's Newest Scent Peony and Berry

The Glade Automatic Sprayer also has a manual boost button for extra burst of fragrance and instant freshness just in case you don’t want to use the timer feature.

REVIEW: Glade Automatic Spray and Glade's Newest Scent Peony and BerryGlade Automatic Spray will definitely look good on any table top at home or office. It has a slim decorative design that will not take a lot of space on your table or any household/office surfaces. It’s not that heavy as well so it is just easy to carry and transfer around your home and office.

REVIEW: Glade Automatic Spray and Glade's Newest Scent Peony and BerryAnother good thing about this product is that you can also mount it on your wall for space-saving.


REVIEW: Glade Automatic Spray and Glade's Newest Scent Peony and Berry

Setting up the this device is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Press the button at the top of the unit(With Glade logo)
  2. Once opened, you may activate the batteries by removing the red tab( it uses AA batteries)
  3.  Insert your preferred Glade scent can in the unit. One could actually lasts up to 60 Days(based on 36-minute time setting)
  4. You may set the timer or just press the Boost button if you want to manually spray.
  5. Close the unit and place it on top of any table or hang it on your wall.

You may also try Glade’s other scents such as:

  • Hawaiian Breeze
  • Morning Freshness
  • White Lilac
  • Clean Linen
  • Lavander & Vanilla
  • Ocean Escape

So that’s pretty much it. I hope that you find the information that I have provided above helpful on your next purchase of an air freshener. But If you would ask me, it’s definitely a good buy and worth every peso. ☺


Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator