Mojo Sandals On The Go!

MOJO Sandals and Slippers, a Filipino brand, started Year 1991. Sourcing fine rubber materials from rubber tree growers in the highlands of Bukidnon to create comfort and designed sandals and slippers. MOJO actively promotes local travel and tourism through its products as it is being used initially for resting at the campsite, short river treks, walking over sharp reef and protecting soft water logged feet from scratches and bruises.


The designs carried the label MOJO. MOJO stood for flow, vibe, love and passion when it first came out in 1991. In 3 years of business, it attained the generic name for outdoor sandals. Today, it is now a brand of footwear not just for the outdoorsman, but for every individual who seeks comfort for their sole.


MOJO designs are available for both sexes in different variants suited for your outdoor and indoor activities.



Just last July, me and my blogger friends had an adventure to Sagada. We went to the “hanging coffins” and the most hardest, spelunking(caving) in Sumaguing cave. It was really a nature trip.

mojo girlandboything1

All the places that we’ve been to has unequal terrain, rough, slippery, muddy paths and If you are in for a nature adventure,this kind of activities are suited for you. But of course you will definitely be needing a very reliable footwear to prevent yourself from slipping and foot sore due to uneven and rough surfaces.

mojo girlandboything1

MOJO Sandals was my foot buddy during my trip to Sagada(Thank you for sponsoring our footwear) and somehow it helped me climb and go down the trekking path. There are times that I slipped maybe because of the kind of rock that I stepped on(there’s a certain part in Sumaguing Cave where rocks are very slippery because it is topped with mud and Guano-bat’s manure. But to the other parts of my spelunking experience, my MOJO Sandals has a very tight grip on the ground.

Until now even at home I’m using my MOJO Sandals and it never disappoints. I compared it to my other slippers and I must say that my MOJO Sandals has the highest points. Not slippery on smooth tiles even if it is wet.

I must say that MOJO Sandals are very reliable not only when used outdoors but also when you use it indoors. It is a two-thumbs up footwear. I would definitely try their other designs like their flip flops for women 🙂

For more info about Mojo sandals  you may visit their branches located at The Landmark Stores, Olympic Village, Olympic World, The Athlete’s Foot, The Sports Warehouse, ROX BHS, The Sports Warehouse, The Centro Stores, Robinsons Metro East, Marikina Riverbanks, Cash N’ Carry Mall, SM Muntinlupa, Juego Sports, Habagat Stores.

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Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator