The Benefits of Generika Drugstore’s “MedPadala”: An Electronic Gift Check

The Benefits of Generika Drugstore's "MedPadala": An Electronic Gift Check

Generika Drugstore has consistently provided good service in the means of selling quality and very affordable generic medicines. Over the years, Generika Drugstore has grown bigger, better as it continously innovate ideas to serve more of its customers in the community and even outside the country.

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With Generika Drugstore‘s vision: ” To be the leading national chain of drugstores offering quality and affordable generic medicines with superior customer service, complemented by a strong sense of social purpose”. Truly, Generika Drugstore  serves a great effort on implementing quality and standard practices when it comes to customer service up to handling and proper storage of the medicines.

Speaking of proper handling  and storage of the medicines, we should know that each medicine has a required temperature to maintain it’s potency and consistency. With Generika Drugstore, they follow strict handling and storage of these medicines. That is why, as you may see, that ALL Generika Drugstore branches are airconditioned. With the humid and hot temperature now in Philippines which is now beyond the room temperature, Generika Drugstore see to it that medicines are well taken care of.

On the other hand, Generika Drugstore  launched a new way of buying medicines… The MedPadala Electronic Gift Check (MedPadala e-GC).

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 MedPadala Electronic Gift Check (MedPadala e-GC) is Generika Drugstore’s newest offer specially created for OFW’s  and breadwinners who are far away from their families. But don’t worry even if you are not an OFW or a breadwinner you can still avail of this offer. It is actually for everyone. MedPadala Electronic Gift Check (MedPadala e-GC)  is an ‘electronic gift check’, developed by Generika Drugstore which one can send to anyone (i.e. relatives in the provinces or loved ones anywhere in the Philippines) and can be redeemed by the recipient to purchase medicines in any Generika Drugstore branches.

To avail and use the MedPadala Electronic Gift Check (MedPadala e-GC)  is as easy as  1-2-3!

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Benefits of availing Generika Drugstore’s MedPadala e-GC:

1. Can be consumed as needed and in multiple transactions up to the last balance remaining.

2. The PIN and Password can be passed on around to multiple users.

3. For registered buyer of MedPadala e-GC(via, you can track the usage and can see when the GC was used, how much was used, how much balance remaining and which outlet that e-GC was used.

4. Can still earn point/s for your GeneriKard when using your MedPadala e-GC.

5. MedPadala e-GC has NO EXPIRATION DATE.

6. MedPadala e-GC is considered as cash when used at any Generika Drugstore. Cashless Transactions- MedPadala e-GC buyer is safe and secured and does not need to bring cash just the PIN.

7. No shipping or remittance charge.

Personally, I’m very greatful that Generika Drugstore created an idea like this and put into action. It will help a lot of our countrymen and lessen the worries of Filipino OFWs and breadwinners when it comes to providing and attending ther family’s medical needs even if they are away from them.

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Aside from MedPadala, Generika has also introduced innovations at the store for its customers. The company launched its loyalty card called GeneriKard, which aims to provide special perks and privileges to its cardholders. With no constraints of following traditional ways of doing business, Generika has continued to innovate further in collaboration with other companies and institutions. Generika became a partner establishment of BPI Globe BanKO Inc., which is a mobile banking service targeting the low income segment. This service allows individuals to open a personal savings account at accredited Generika outlets, as well as perform cash-in and cash-out transactions. Generika has also become the first drugstore in the country to load prepaid mobile phones via Point-of-Sale (POS) technology when it started offering i-Load – a proprietary mobile reloading service in partnership with the country’s three major telecommunications network: SMART, GLOBE and SUN.

Generika Drugstore also offer affordable medical tests which are way cheaper than hospitals even government hospitals. Generika Drugstore also conduct on-site FREE medical consultation just in case you need doctors to interpret and diagnose your symptoms.

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Generika Drugstore also has additional offers like FREE Blood Pressure monitoring and Blodd sugar testing(FBS/RBS).

As of February 2013, Generika has a total of 360 stores nationwide of which 25 are company-owned stores and the rest are franchise stores. The rapid expansion of Generika Drugstore shall pave the way for quality and affordable generic medicines made accessible to everyone.

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All generic medicines sold at Generika Drugstore are duly registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and have been carefully selected, in terms of manufacturer and quality, by our Corporate Pharma Department. At Generika, we have generics for most common illnesses, Ask our pharmacists. Generics are widely used in the US and Europe and the Philippine government strongly advocates their use. You can save up to 70% by using generic medicines instead of their branded counterpart.

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Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator