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In this generation, everything is fast paced. With our busy and stressful lives, we tend to forget or ignore  the value of rest and part of that is giving ourselves a good sleep. Little did we know that having adequate sleep is a very vital part of achieving a healthy lifestyle. According to experts, an average of 6 to 8 hours a day is required for us to sleep. This will give our body time to regenerate, and recharge. Studies show that the gap between getting just enough sleep and getting too little sleep may affect and has a great impact in your health, your mood, your weight, and even your sex life.

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In order for you to attain an adequate and good sleep, you will be needing a very conducive place to sleep on. For me, that is my bed and of course my mattress… Uratex PURIFOAM, same mattress used by the whole family. For so many years, This Uratex mattress has really served it’s purpose to provide “Comfort for Life”. From the very first time that I laid on it 6-7 years ago until now, the form and quality still doesn’t change.


Uratex Philippines, has been in the business now for  46 years, and has always sensitive to the needs of its customers thinking of every Filipino  family’s welfare when creating their products at the same time provide the kind of sleep solution that they need. .  Perhaps being a family-owned company is one of the reasons behind this.  Another is the company’s constant research and development who sees to it that all its clients receive the excellent foam that they deserve and enjoy the quality sleep that they need.

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Uratex has created great innovation such as the “Quali-5 Cellular Technology” to make sure that the Uratex foams produced by the company are of high and world-class quality from the best materials.  The Quali-5 Cellular Technology shows the company’s strong adherence to quality made at ISO-9001 certified facilities using world-class equipment with superior formulation and process engineering technology.


 The said Quali-5 Cellular Technology were also applied to the newest addition to Uratex family of foam mattresses…  The Hamptons Collection which comes in five models: Royale, Prestige, Mystique, Premiere, Elite.


Uratex’s other products help induce this high-quality of sleep for the customers. Uratex pillows have different types, sizes and functions that will suit your need and preferences to help you achieve a great sleep. Meanwhile, the hyper-soft mattress enhancer adds that extra comfort to every bed, enhancing the relaxation for each family member who uses it, inviting him or her to unwind by sleeping in a cradling position.  Mattress and pillow protectors help keep the mattress and pillow clean and fresh.

 I was able to experience and feel how comfortable The Hamptons Collection mattresses were even the Uratex pillows and believe me just by the looks of it, you would definitely try lying on it which I did. And I must say… TWO THUMBS UP! This Hamptons Mattress is something that I would definitely consider to buy when I get married. The Hamptons Mattress gave me the feeling of comfort and easyness which will definitely give me a pleasant sleep.


For so many years, Uratex has always been the top choice for my family when it comes to mattress. It is by experience Safe, Durable, Economical, Long lasting and lastly very comfortable!. So you should get one for yourself and for your family and experience the “Comfort for Life” that Uratex products can offer and provide.

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Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator