Kogi Bulgogi’s Y-U-M-M-Y KPop Chicken

Kogi Bulgogi's Y-U-M-M-Y KPop Chicken

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Join the Chicken Craze!

Come and taste the goodness of Kogi Bulgogi’s KPop Chicken…


 Known as Yangnyeom chicken in Korea, a dish prepared in  Korean homes and often consumed during meals and eaten at bars and restaurants and usually taken as snacks after meals.

Kogi Bulgogi adapted this popular chicken dish  from Korea and now offering  their own twist and own version of the juicy, crunchy & tasty Korean Fried chicken.

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KPOP Chicken offers 2 kinds of flavors, one is the sweet soy and the other is the spicy soy. I have tasted both flavors and I am very satisfied with it. I love how crunchy and juicy Kogi Bulgogi KPop chickens are. The flavors are not just in the surface but is seeps in the meat as well. So you can really taste and enjoy the flavor with every bite and while your chewing it.

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My personal favorite is the spicy soy flavor. I instantly love it on my first bite. The sweet and spicy combination really compliment each other. You can eat it as is or you can pair it up with rice. In my case, I ate it with kimchi rice. It was really good! Y-U-M-M-Y!!!.

Eventually, KPOP Chicken will have more unique flavors and will have more spice levels to choose from.

Aside from Kogi Bulgogi’s KPop Chicken, here are some of the dishes I have tasted.

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These side dishes are served everytime you dine in at Kogi Bulgogi. And may I add… It’s UNLIMITED!

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Stir fried rice with pickled cabbage, white radish, and cucumber. Flavored ith chicken, garlic, green onion and chili pepper. (I usually don’t like kimchi but Kogi Bulgogi offers  good tasting kimchi, not too sour not to spicy)

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Stir fried vermicelli with pork and mixed vegetables(I have tasted Japchae from other Korean Restaurants but Kogi Bulgogi’s Japchae got the taste that I wanted.)

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CALIFORNIA ROLL- 6pcs: Php160 12pcs: Php 310

Fresh crabsticks, mangoand rice rolled in fish roe.(A must try! This is the best California Roll I have tasted so far.)

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Mixed seafood pancake.

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Ice Cream Bar: Fruit-Php55 Chocolate- Php65

Ice Cream SandwichPhp65

Kogi Bulgogi is a restaurant that can be enjoyed with meals to share. It is a hit for groups like  families and friends making Kogi Bulgogi a top choice for gatherings and celebrations, especially for your Korean food cravings.

I would definitely recommend Kogi Bulgogi and will definitely go back and dine again. Good food with very reasonable prices.

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Written by Cristelle Torres
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