Have That Lasting Straight Hair With Ahglow Hair Rebonding System

Have That Lasting Straight Hair With Ahglow Hair Rebonding System

Having a bad hair day has always been a part of my life since my highschool days. When I was a kid, my hair was really shiny, soft and straight but then when I reached highschool my hair suddenly became wavy and dry. To my frustration, I resorted to some hair straightening procedures leaving my hair straight BUT looking frizzy, dry and damaged.  I even experience having wounds on my scalp due to too much irritation from the chemicals used when I underwent hair relaxing.

And then hair rebonding came out. I tried it a couple of times, but those kind of rebonding  needed a seperate treatment for your hair to soften it and to have a shiny finish and most of them doesn’t have hair products for maintenance of your rebonded hair .

Just recently,  I was invited to try Ahglow Hair Rebonding System (SRP P1,050) Ahglow Hair Rebonding System uses special ingredients imported all the way from Germany to ensure the quality of the rebond products.

Ahglow product shot 1

Please read more to know about my Ahglow Rebonding experience 🙂

So here’s my hair BEFORE using the Ahglow Hair Rebonding System.

Ahglow Rebonding GBT 13

Since my hair is color-treated, a strand test was done to determine if my colored  hair will not react to Ahglow Hair Straightening Cream with Keratin. Meaning, my hair will not become rubberish, easy to break or more frizzy. I passed!

Ahglow Rebonding GBT

So the rebonding procedure begins… Other rebonding products use only two steps, which neglects the need to replenish the hair’s health. After my hair passed the strand test, Ahglow Hair Rebonding System offers five step system which begins with the Ahglow Straightening Cream- No. 1 (SRP P120.00 for 165g Stand-up pouch). What I like about the cream that Ahglow is using is that it doesn’t have a very irritating scent unlike other brands.

Ahglow Straightening Cream was applied to my hair. But before that, they applied first the Ahglow Avocado Treatment Wax(SRP P218.00-480g) and  Ahglow Henna Treatment Wax(SRP P218.00-480g) to the colored-treated area to coat and protect that part from any damage due to possible rection of my hair color and straightening cream.

Ahglow Rebonding GBT 1

After the application of Ahglow Straightening Cream, my hair was covered with catwrap.

Ahglow Rebonding GBT 2

After 30 mins, hair rinsing, blow drying and hair ironing was done.

Ahglow Rebonding GBT 4

Ahglow Rebonding GBT 5

Before the hair ironing, they applied the Ahglow Keratin Hair Protect(SRP P173-120ml) to protect my hair from the damaging effects of extreme heat from hair ironing. Ahglow Keratin Hair Protect is the 2nd of 5 steps in Ahglow Hair Rebonding System.

Ahglow Rebonding GBT 9

Ahglow Rebonding GBT 6

I love this Ahglow Professional Gold Titanium Straightening Iron(the one that they used for my hair) because it doesn’t snag or pull my hair like other hair iron in the market. You can buy this amazing Ahglow Professional Gold Titanium Straightening Iron for SRP P2,200 with warranty.

Ahglow Rebonding GBT 8

Here’s the 3rd  of 5 steps in the Ahglow Hair Rebonding System … Application of the Ahglow Nutralizing Cream-No.2 (SRP P60- 165g Stand-Up Pouch).  

Ahglow Rebonding GBT 3

After 30 mins, RINSING TIME… again hehehe 🙂 Used the 4th of  5 steps in the Ahglow Hair Rebonding System,  the Ahglow Keratin Conditioner(SRP P106-250ml/P196-480ml). You can also use this twice a week as maintenance.

Ahglow Rebonding GBT 7

After rinsing my hair, they blow dried it and applied some Ahglow Hairkote (SRP P179 50ml) which instantly made my hair more shiny, soft and silky. This is the 5th step  and last step of Ahglow Hair Rebonding System. I really love the result!!! very much different than other rebonding system that I have tried before.

Ahglow Rebonding GBT 10

Ready to see the results? Here’s the AFTER shot of my hair…

Ahglow Rebonding GBT 11

What I like about  Ahglow Hair Rebonding System is that all of it contains Keratin. Since keratin  is lost when hair goes through heat and chemical treatment like rebonding, Keratin-protein replacement must be done to your hair to return the proteins your hair  lost to keep it healthy.

With this, I felt that my hair is in a way protected while doing the whole process of Ahglow Hair Rebonding. My hair is really soft, silky and smells good too. 🙂 I don’t need to spend extra bucks for another treatment just to make my hair look shiny and feel soft.

I will definitely recommend it to my friends and loved ones.

For maintenance, Ahglow  came up with a great product like Kerafix, to keep rebonded hair last long term. The Kerafix rebonded maintenance products are ingeniously formulated with keratin to reinvigorate hair and give back the healthy aspect it lost.

“Ahglow provides the answer when it formulated Kerafix, which is designed specifically for daily care and maintenance of rebonded hair,” said John Lansang, one of the founders and creator of Ahglow.


 Kerafix Deep Moisturizing Treatment Shampoo- SRP P95(200ml)

Deep Moisturizing Treatment Conditioner-  SRP P95(200ml)

Kerafix Leave-On Conditioning HairShine-  SRP P145(65ml)

Ahglow product

You can also buy Ahglow Straightening Cream-No. 1 and Ahglow Nutralizing Cream-No.2 per set

500g- SRP P660

300g- SRP P414

For more information and updates about Ahglow Hair Rebonding System, Kerafix and other services you may visit, https://www.facebook.com/Ahglowcorp

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator www.GirlandBoyThing.com