Pet Care: How to Remove Adhesive From Dog’s Fur

Pet Care: How to Remove Adhesive From Dog's Fur

My Dog Frodo is really a very active dog. He loves to play and he get curious all the time on things around him.


One day  when I was downstairs doing some house chores, I realized that Frodo is “missing in action” and  I know that when Frodo is quiet he is either asleep or is doing something or got into something. So I went upstairs and look for Frodo and found him with the adhesive Mouse Trap stcking on his fur. WAAAAAAAH! Now I got a problem, How to remove that sticky adhesive from Fodo’s fur. It was almost all over his body.

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Moving on, Don’t know what to do I was really on panic. Because If i will let it just like that anything can and will  stick on Frodo’s fur. And I can see that Frodo is having a hard time lying down or sitting because he is sticking on the floor. What I did first was bathe him but still the sticky adhesive is still on his fur.  I quickly searched on how to  remove this sticky adhesive and found some tips on general pet owners who experienced the same situation on their dogs. 

If this will happen to your dog or cat please do not try to pull the adhesiv out of your dogs fur. You wil just hurt your dog, just imagine the feeling of your dog. If this will happen to you, adhesive stuck on your arm hair try to pull it… it hurts right? so don’t do it on your dogs or cats.

Some pet owners says, you can use baby oil, Tea tree oil, vegetable oil, Petroleum Jelly or Mayonaise to soften the adhesive. Some others advised using dish detergent, but I don’t want to use this option because the chemical content of the dish detergent may be harmful on my dog’s skin. I tried the Tea Tree oil but it did not work. Since oil based products aren’t working on my dog’s fur I tried one other tip that I found… using PEANUT BUTTER.


Yes you read it right I used peanut butter on Frodo’s fur. Well I believe that peanut butter is natural so I thought that time it wouldn’t cause my Frodo any harm.



So I applied the peanut butter on Frodo’s fur and surprisingly I can feel that the adhesive is starting to shed off. It’s kinda messy to apply but it works! and Frodo is enjoying it too hahhaha! now I’m having a hard time stopping him from licking himself. I let the peanut butter on Frodo’s fur for about 10 to 15 minutes, gently rub a bit and washed it off.

I wasn’t able to take pictures after but Believe me, the peanut butter did an amazing job! It really worked on Frodo’s sticky fur.  The adhesive is now off his fur.

Note: Home remedies do not work all the time so calling your vet or professional groomer would be best to ask for a recommendation for cleaning the particular substance. 

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Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator/