Elevate Your Quarantine Look with splash of Kolours


The COVID-19 pandemic has thought us so many things. Aside from taking good care of our health and making it our topmost priority, we then make use of the time we have to learn a new recipe, to work out, to pamper ourselves, or to simply change up our looks.

And speaking of looks. I am seeing a lot of posts in social media about different “quarantine looks”. Some grew a mustache, some did a different hairstyle(cut by their sister, wife or bff). Some were brave enough to do that, but if your are one of those who are too afraid of cutting your own hair, why not add a splash of color instead?

Simple acts of care especially during quarantine can make anyone feel better. Why not show your mom or your sister how much they mean to you by spending an afternoon at home giving each other a refreshing new hair color? Give them a whole new look that shows off their unique personalities through Kolours. 

Elevate Your Quarantine Look with splash of Kolours

Kolours has been the go-to brand of many Filipinas- and for good reason. Infused with Color Retention Technology, Kolours gives vibrant precision color that lasts for up to three months. It’s also packed with Vitamins E and B5 to condition the hair while coloring, along with a post-treatment conditioner enriched with Natural Coco Essence to help nourish the hair by keeping it hydrated and moisturized.

The best part is with amazing quality, it’s affordable and retails for only P250 SRP.

Elevate Your Quarantine Look with splash of Kolours

Kolours comes in 12 variants, and has recently added a line with celebrity Solenn Heussaff! These newest products offer trendy colors and are all infused with Meadowfoam Seed Oil- delivering the Best Ever Damage Defense System. Meadowfoam Seed Oil repairs the hair making it stronger and also locks in moisture to make hair softer and smoother. With the new shade range, there’s definitely something for everyone!

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator/www.GirlandBoyThing.com