THE RISE OF PEGAXY: A New Play-to-Earn Games on the Rise


Play-to-earn games are gaining popularity in the crypto-currency industry from last year and you have probably heard of Axie Infinity, as its name has garnered a lot of traction around July onwards of 2021. How about Cryptoblades? Plants-vs-Undead? And of course, there’s that Bomb Crypto!

Each of these games has their corresponding tokens as rewards. They all have stories to tell, with some peaks and some lows. Just to put it out there, some of their coins are even at their recent lowest values, so a lot of investors either have a longer time to ROI, some cut their losses, or they don’t bother playing at all!

As some of these play-to-earn games gain traction, more of their rewards are churned out, more people cashing out, flooding the market with their tokens, pushing prices down. Axie Infinity’s Smooth Love Potion ($SLP) slumped as their daily players approached 3 million last December. Bomb Crypto’s BCoin ($BCOIN) has also slumped as their updates made investors want to cash out by selling their rare heroes. One can’t really tell which one will be the most valuable, perhaps it’s all about chasing the trend.



Another Play-to-earn game is on the rise, as a lot of players are jumping in and starting in a game called Pegasus Galaxy, or Pegaxy. It features a racing game with battling Pega (which are the horses) which rewards the top winners with the token Vigorous ($VIS).

Much like in Axie Infinity, one can breed Pegas, and can sell these in the open market. A Pega can cost one around 1500 USD, which is really serious money. It can be used for races to win some $VIS. Right now, the winning rate pretty much averages the same for everyone, as the Pegaxy team is pushing for a more skill-based experience later on.

What’s interesting with Pegaxy is that there are options to play without buying a Pega. One can rent a Pega on the open market – wherein you can get around 10%
share of the winnings when you play. Some have these rented out at a rate of around 40 USD a day, as of writing.

It is also possible to lend these Pegas out to the ones you know, and the two of you can do proper profit sharing. This is where guilds can come in and really add a volume of players into the game.

THE RISE OF PEGAXY: A New Play-to-Earn Games on the Rise


One of the gaming guilds that is currently getting their toes into Pegaxy is Astra Guild Ventures, or AGV. They have around 2,035 Axie Scholars, which is an impressive feat on its own. AGV is currently trying out Pegaxy, and has a challenge to their Axie Scholars.

They have mentioned to their guild that the top 5 players who gained the most $SLP from playing Axie Infinity will gain Pegaxy Scholarships. AGV truly takes care of their scholars, as they provide more earning opportunities to those that give a lot of effort to the guild.

Of course, it only starts out as 5, but with the purchasing power AGV can deploy to start investing, that 5 will just be the start. Perhaps you can be next in line! To join AGV, you may join their Discord Server and follow instructions to qualify for a scholarship! Simply use the following link:

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator