Converge FiberX: A “NO DATA CAP” Internet Access In PH


As a blogger, internet connection is very important like air, food and water. I needed it to upload my articles on my blog, post updates on social media and for personal matters like communicating with my friends and loved ones online. I also love to watch videos online which eats up my data allocation. Unfortunately, most internet providers usually have DATA CAPPING which limits my online activities. Plus the connection is kinda slow, it’s really frustrating. This is the reason why some people upgraded their internet to fiber connection.

Converge FiberX: A "NO DATA CAP" Internet Access In PHMaybe you’ve been hearing about fiber internet nowadays which said to be faster than the normal connection. And just recently, I have encountered one internet company provider, Converge ICT Solutions, Inc., as they launched their different internet-related services such as FiberX, iBIZ, Converge Enterprise and FiberXtreme which can elevate Pinoys’ Internet experience. Plus there is “NO DATA CAP” in Internet access unlike those offered by other service providers where there’s a limit to data allowance. Know more about these services as you read more.

Converge FiberX: A "NO DATA CAP" Internet Access In PH

“We thought that what’s the use of having fast Internet connection if there is a limit to data access? With FiberX, there is no more ‘data cap’ to Internet usage. We feel we will just be short-changing our customers if we put a limit to their Internet usage,” says Jesus Romero, Chief Operating Officer of Converge ICT Solutions, Inc.

Converge FiberX: A "NO DATA CAP" Internet Access In PH

FiberX is offered in three different plan types for a variety of home users depending on their Internet usage. FiberX 1500 comes with a burstable speed of up to 25Mbps, FiberX2500 at up to 50Mbps while FiberX 3500 offers connectivity of up to 100Mbps. With pure end-to-end fiber technology that’s light years better than traditional Digital Subscriber Line (DSL),

FiberX will surely enhance everyone’s online experience with better speed, larger bandwidth and consistent performance for either work or play.

Converge FiberX: A "NO DATA CAP" Internet Access In PH

For those who want even faster connectivity, there’s FiberXtreme that comes in burstable speeds of 300Mbps and 500Mbps and priced competitively at P4,500 and P7,000, respectively.Converge FiberX: A "NO DATA CAP" Internet Access In PH

For SMEs, Converge offers its iBIZ pure Fiber plan that allows businesses to operate faster and more efficient, with an Internet connection that has less interruptions and totally reliable. Each iBIZ plan comes with free Webmail, free Web hosting and free Public IP.

Converge FiberX: A "NO DATA CAP" Internet Access In PHFor larger enterprises, Converge ICT Solutions, Inc. offers “Converge Enterprise” that comes with scalable Internet connection of up to 1Gbps, an IP MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching), Disaster Recovery, Managed Data Center Services, and other benefits for more efficient business operations.

“With Converge fiber broadband products, whether you are at home or at the office or your place of business, your Internet experience will surely be made better. And the best part of it is that it costs the same as your DSL connection, but made faster,” Uy explains further.

Maybe you’ve been wondering, what are the locations in the Philippines do Converge already has covered? They already have in Valenzuela, Las Piñas, Muntinlupa, Baguio, Batangas and soon on other locations.

In the future, further expansion plans and continuous strengthening of Converge’s fiber optic network will soon be taken place. Now, the perennial problem of Filipinos in dealing with slow Internet connection will now be a thing of the past.  Through Converge ICT Solutions, Inc.’s,  fast, affordable, reliable, and “best-of-breed” pure fiber-optic connectivity to power the internet usage of home, micro, small-, medium- and large-scale enterprise can be enjoyed nationwide.

For more details about Converge ICT Solutions, Inc. and its pure fiber Internet offerings, you may contact them at (02) 667-0888 or visit

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator