realme Smart Scale Review: Your AIot Device Partner To A Healthier Lifestyle

realme Smart Scale

Check this out! Something new from realme’s AIoT devices under their Healthcare/Personal Care categorythe realme Smart Scale.

Now that we stay at home most of the time, we eat a lot (home-cooked meals or from our neighborhood online food deliveries 😂), we sit, work, and chill. These sedentary lifestyle activities can lead each of us to a higher risk of developing lifestyle diseases such as obesity, Diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and many more, which we don’t want to happen. That is why, we should make it a habit to practice healthy living by hydrating properly, eating the right food, and getting some exercise.

And so, this realme Smart Scale device is a good health companion at home to track your progress in achieving your fitness goals. Let me share with you my review about this cool product from realme.

Let’s begin!

As you can see, realme Smart Scale comes in with the brand’s signature golden yellow-minimalistically designed box which has the product’s image in front and summary of features at the back. There’s also a QR code that you can scan which directly leads you to the link where you can download the realme Link App. Downloading this app is a must, because you will be needing it to set up the realme Smart Scale.

realme Smart Scale Review: Your AIot Device Partner To A Healthier Lifestyle

realme Smart Scale Review: Your AIot Device Partner To A Healthier Lifestyle

If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, you may use this QR code.

I love the simplicity of the smart scale design. For the color, I have the white variant(also available in blue) that is very clean looking. The top part  is made of 6mm tempered glass with hidden LED display and the whole smart scale is roughly about 23.3mm thickness which is very space saving and can be placed safely anywhere in your house or office. It has 4 built-in metal electrodes that can detect your health measurements(will discuss this as you read further). It also has wide weight range that can carry from 50g to 150kg.

On the other hand, with its Small Object Measurement feature, you can weigh in fruits, children, or even pets that weigh from as light as 50g to 9.99kg with precision up to 10g.

realme Smart Scale Review: Your AIot Device Partner To A Healthier Lifestyle

Please remove the insulation sheet before using.

The realme Smart Scale is powered by four(4) removable AAA batteries which are pre-installed already in the smart scale. Though I hope that realme will consider not putting the batteries yet on the device’s battery box for future batches, just to prevent accidental battery fluid leakage that might damage the smart scale unit.

The battery life is pretty superb and efficient which realme claims to last up to 360 Days. 

Setting up and pairing your realme Smart Scale with your mobile device is just easy. You have to download the realme Link App first and make sure that your smartphone’s Bluetooth is on. Step on the realme Smart Scale properly to automatically turn it on, then follow the instructions being flashed on your smartphone screen in the app.

After pairing, you are good to go and can enjoy all the features of this newest AIoT device from realme. By the way, this smart scale device has stable wireless connection feature which is Bluetooth 5.0.


The realme Link App is so easy to use and navigate. You may customize the settings at your specific preference, update the firmware, set your starting weight, start date, and target weight. You can also track your weight statistics which can help you monitor your progress or if your are falling behind your weight goal.

Using the app, you will be able to view a very detailed and customized health report after every use. This is one of the best features of realme Smart Scale that I like the16 types of health measurement data which are enumerated below:

  • Weight
  • Fat rate
  • Body shape
  • BMI
  • Muscle mass
  • Body age
  • Basal metabolism
  • Lean body weight
  • Moisture rate
  • Muscle rate
  • Visceral fat level
  • Skeletal muscle
  • Bone mass
  • Protein
  • Fat mass
  • Heart rate

Hahaha! I cannot fool this smart scale. According to its Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA) sensor, I haven’t done any workout for a while and it’s true(it says that i’m under exercised 😂). Kinda flattered though that it says that i’m 2 years younger than my actual age. Please see photos above for my results.

There are two color indicators. Green means you are in normal/ideal/average measurement. Color Red indicates that you are below or above the normal/ideal/average measurement. You may also tap each result and will be able to see an overview of your bio-current information, exercise suggestions, including the definition of that specific health data.

The data acquisition and synchronization from the scale to the app is fast too, which is really impressive.

Note: Make sure that the Bluetooth on your mobile device is on and the scale is connected. When the Bluetooth icon is on, the measurement data will be sent. If your app failed to get your measurement data, you may restart the app or reset the scale by doing a long press on the reset button located at the back of the unit until the CLR icon is displayed.

realme Smart Scale Review: Your AIot Device Partner To A Healthier Lifestyle

To know your heart rate, just stay on the scale for a little longer, and it will show you your heart rate reading. 

realme Smart Scale Review: Your AIot Device Partner To A Healthier Lifestyle

Not only that, the realme Smart Scale is made for the whole family. You can switch members within the app and can store multi-person health data profiles so each family member will get their own metric and measurements recorded.

realme Smart Scale Review: Your AIot Device Partner To A Healthier Lifestyle

So what happens when you step into the scale and forgot to open your app? will it still be recorded? YES!  because as long as the smart scale is connected to your smartphone(bluetooth should be open) it will store all the health data taken. And once you open the app,  it will give you notification of new measurement(unprocessed) data available. Click it and it will lead you to a list of weight statistics where you can choose to ignore, claim(will go to processed), or assign to a specific health profile.(make sure you know who’s measurement it is so you can assign it to the right health profile)

REMINDER: Please take the measurement result as reference only for the following status, for It may have abnormal measurement data and body analysis result:

1. Teenagers

2. Professional athlete

3. Pregnant people

4. Patients receiving artificial dialysis treatment or with edema symptoms, etc.

5. Disabled and the elderly

realme Smart Scale Review: Your AIot Device Partner To A Healthier Lifestyle

realme Smart Scale Review: Your AIot Device Partner To A Healthier Lifestylerealme Smart Scale Review: Your AIot Device Partner To A Healthier LifestyleDo’s and Don’ts when using the realme Smart Scale:


1. Do make sure scale is connected to mobile.

2. Do make sure that the Bluetooth on your mobile device is ON

3. Do make sure the scale LED display is working

4. Please make sure to input accurate body information: gender, age and height.

5. Place the scale on a hard, flat floor. Placing it on soft materials such as soft floors, carpets or spring pads may result in inaccurate data.

6. Step on the scale barefoot, centering the middle with both feet naturally on two sides evenly, the forefoot on the front half of the pattern and the heel on the second half.

7. Keep measuring your body data in the same time of a day, to make sure the measurement environment same as possible.


1. Don’t measure body data after too much eating and drinking.

2. Don’t measure body data after workout immediately.

3. Don’t measure body data after dehydration.

4. Don’t measure body data if your foot is wet.

5. Don’t measure body data after drink alcohol.

6. Don’t measure body data if your body is in low temperature.

7. Don’t step out scale too quick during measurement.


How much? realme Smart Scale is priced at PHP 1,590.00 and is available on realme official store in Lazada and Shopee. And here’s a tipid tip for you guys and gals. Buy the realme Smart Scale in Lazada and Shopee’s 11.11 Sale  and get it for only PHP1,090. That’s PHP500 OFF! 

Not just that. If you use the Lazada Wallet to pay for a minimum purchase of PHP 5,000, you may claim an additional discount of PHP 400.

realme Smart Scale Specifications:

Parameter classification


Product Name

realme Smart Scale




Blue, White

Product Dimention


Net Weight (without battery)


Weighing Unit


Shell Material


Weighing Range


Minimum Graduation

0.05kg – 9.99kg      0.01kg indexing
10kg – 99.95kg      0.05kg indexing
100kg – 150kg       0.01kg indexing

Tolerance Scope

0.05kg-9.99kg   error range ±0.03kg
10-50kg        error range
50.05-100kg    error range
100.1-150kg    error range

Bluetooth Version


Range of Working Temperature


Power Supply

DC 6V   4*AAA

Working Hours (Weighing Once A Day)

360 DAYS

Operating System Requirements

Android 5.0 and above.

Package Contents

realme smart scale*1AAA Batteries*4Operating manual & warranty card


Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator/